Recipe: Honey Orange Turmeric Soap With Honeycomb Texture

Recipe: Honey Orange Turmeric Soap With Honeycomb Texture

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You won't want to wait to get your hands on (and into) this nurturing and nourishing melt and pour soap tutorial. This easy soap recipe requires only a few ingredients and tools to make four bars of handmade soap.

Instead of using soap colorants, this soap gets its stunning orange hue from the organic turmeric powder. For a hint of shimmer, we're adding in gold mica powder. We're using our silicone rectangular mold but you could also use our massage bar, circle, or oval mold if you prefer a different shape.

First, lets' dive into what makes this soap's suds so special!


three key soap ingredients

  1. turmeric: an ingredient with a 4,000-year-old résumé for holistic healing. There’s a reason the joys of turmeric are reported everywhere. This ancient beauty secret has a lot to share.
  2. honey: a soap ingredient ingeniously manufactured by nature’s hardest workers. Considering all its glowing (and buzzworthy) skin-care attributes, it’s easy to develop a taste for honey.
  3. blood orange essential oil: born under the sun to bring sweet, sweet relief, blood orange essential oil has origins in Sicily and Spain and smells amazing!

Lucky for us, the first two―turmeric and honey―share amazing benefits that help create glowing, revitalized skin.

This duo combines to create a glorious effect in this soap creation. To create even more synergistic magic, our blood orange essential oil delivers relaxing and mood-lifting effects in a fresh citrusy aroma that says “Let the healing begin!”


honey blood orange turmeric soap recipe

turmeric, the wonder spice

Also known as the “golden spice”, turmeric's holistic healing properties have a long and illustrious history.

Going back thousands of years to India’s Vedic culture, turmeric has always been linked with health and skincare benefits.

From helping to revive dull and sun-damaged skin to creating wedding-day glows, this versatile spice has been known as a skin enhancer for generations.

And now more than ever, the adage “Life is better with turmeric” has a lot of wholesome evidence to back it up:

  • Get glowing―antioxidants help brighten and revive dull-looking skin for new radiance
  • Create healing―natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative properties aid in fighting bacteria and acne, evening skin tone, and lightening scars
  • Boost hydration―naturally moisturizing and revitalizing to add “oomph” to dry skin 


Turmeric is featured in this project with our vibrant organic turmeric powder from our colorants collection, a 100% natural way to create a soft, golden color ranging from light pastel to a deep golden amber. 


benefits of honey in skin care

The traditions of bee-keeping (and honey-hunting!) date back to the ancient Greeks and beyond.

This superfood has always been a powerhouse when it comes to health and cosmetic benefits for your skin, and there are so many yummy reasons why.

Similar to turmeric, honey is rich with natural antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory components. This healer combo creates an elevating ingredient for so many bath and beauty uses. Here’s just some of what it can do:

  • Pump up collagen―and reduce fine lines while moisturizing and soothing skin
  • Speed healing―for cases of acne, eczema, and other chronic skin conditions
  • Brighten skin―gently and naturally exfoliate as you reveal glowing skin underneath


Our honey coco melt + pour soap base is recommended for all skin types, but particularly those prone to acne or wanting to reduce signs of aging.

This all-natural soap base is a translucent blend of natural honey sourced from a co-op of family-run beekeepers, and sustainable palm and coconut oil with a soft golden hue.

the power of essential oils in soap

It’s pretty easy to imagine what the smell of orange does to you… an orange grove on a sunny day… stopping at a fruit stand on a bright summer afternoon. It’s a sunshine state of mind, wrapped in refreshing, zesty goodness. 

Our blood orange essential oil has germ-fighting power, helping to reduce bacteria and fungi when applied topically, but in this luscious soap, its sunny aromatherapy benefits really shine:

  • Reduce stress―mood-lifting effects for clarity, happiness, and mental focus
  • Relax body & mind―enhances feelings of well-being, eases anxiousness
  • Improve sleep―calms to help reduce pulse rate and stress hormone levels

      honey blood orange turmeric soap recipe



      melt & pour soap making supplies


      how to make honey tumeric blood orange soap

      1. Before you get started, measure the inside of your soap mold, then take your bubble wrap and cut 4 pieces the same size as your soap mold (this is what will create your cool honeycomb pattern later!)
      2. Remove wrap and label from soap base and use a knife to carefully cut the soap block into four to six smaller pieces. Place pieces into a microwave-safe bowl and heat in 30 second intervals until the soap is liquefied. Do not overheat.
      3. Measure 2 oz of turmeric powder using your digital scale. We recommend a small dish or measuring cup to hold the powder while you measure. Don’t forget to hit “tare” on your scale (to remove the weight of whatever vessel you’re measuring with)! When your soap is fully melted, add in the essential oil and turmeric. Gently mix for 1 minute or until ingredients are fully combined.
      4. Slowly pour soap into the mold, then gently press a piece of bubble wrap into the surface of the soap.
      5. Let soap cool thoroughly before moving (even a little bit!). Once cooled, you can add a dusting of sparkly gold mica to the top using a soft paint brush.
      6. Now your gorgeous creations are ready to use! 


      With its holistic spirit and delicious self-care aspects, did you feel the healing in this project? We hope so! There’s more mindful making inspo where that came from!

      Make your own creative combinations using any of our melt & pour or cold process soap bases and natural colorants.

      If you’re new to soap making, try our melt + pour discovery kits which have samples from our stellar soap lineup. You can test out all of our natural soap bases to find one that best suits your soap making style.

      Don’t forget to tag @makesy on Instagram to share your gorgeous soap creations with us!

      Happy making!

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