How To Use Mica In A Candle

How To Use Mica In A Candle

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Copper Mica

Are you wondering how to give your candles some fun shimmer and shine? Perfect! Allow us to introduce you to mica.

Mica is a lot of fun to add to all kinds of projects and a simple way to give your candles a gorgeous glisten. Just look at this one!

Mica is an all-natural, skin safe, mineral substance used to give a luxurious shimmer or pigment to products like candles, soaps, bath and body care products, and cosmetics.

Mica comes from being mined, so we’ve made sure ours is ethically sourced and gives back in the best way.

If you choose to use our micas, we donate a portion to eradicating child labor, so you can feel good about where it’s coming from.

We offer copper, gold, and pearl mica that provide projects with the perfect tinted shine.

Now, let’s get making with mica!


two ways to add mica to your candles

  1. You can layer it at the very top of your candle once it’s completely cooled to give your candle a fun, shiny appeal.
  2. You can add it to your melted wax before you pour it into your candle vessels so your candle shimmers for the duration of its burn.


adding mica as a top layer

When adding mica to the top layer of your candle after it’s cooled, you can do so using two different methods: 

The first way to add mica once your candle is completely cooled is with your finger.

You don’t need a whole lot of mica to make your candle shine, simply dabbing the tip of your finger into your mica and “painting” it onto your cooled candle wax will give it a nice shimmery look.

You can continue dabbing your finger into your mica as needed and decorate the top of your candle until you’ve achieved your desired look.

The second way to add mica to your candle once it’s cooled is with an actual paintbrush.

Simply dab a small paintbrush into your mica and decorate the top layer of your candle as you wish.

Using a paintbrush may give a slightly different look compared to using your finger so try both ways to see which one you prefer.


adding mica in your candle wax

To add mica to all of the wax you’re using in your candle, you’ll need to add it in once your wax is liquified.

We suggest adding it once your wax reaches its melt and pour temperature and as a good rule of thumb, it’s best to add a pinch of mica for every 8 ounces of liquified wax.

A pinch of mica is roughly 1/32 of a teaspoon, so we’ve found that is a good place to start as you’re trying out mica in your candles for the first time.

Once you start making more candles with mica, you’ll be able to determine if you’d like to add more or less depending on the finished product.

Pearl Mica

A little goes a long way when it comes to mica.

If you’re adding mica to your liquified wax, be careful not to dump the whole bag of it in as it can clog your wick.

Mica tends to clog cotton wicks easier than wooden wicks so you may have a little more flexibility if you’re using wooden wicks, but still remain mindful of how much you’re using.

And just like that, you can become a master in using mica!

We always love seeing the different ways our makers use mica, especially because of how versatile it is.

Let us know how you’re using mica in your projects by posting a photo on Instagram and tagging us @makesy.

You never know when we’ll feature you on our page so you can inspire other makers.

Happy making!

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