how to start & scale a hair care business

how to start & scale a hair care business

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Starting and scaling a hair care business involves comprehensive planning, branding, marketing, and operational strategies. In a competitive industry that thrives on uniqueness and quality, entrepreneurs must focus on market research, product development, and customer engagement to establish a successful hair care empire. This article outlines the critical steps and provides insights on how to create a standout brand and grow your business effectively.


key takeaways

  • Conduct thorough market research and write a detailed business plan to set a strong foundation for your hair care business.
  • Source high-quality suppliers and customize your offerings to create a unique brand that stands out in the market.
  • Develop a robust marketing strategy that includes leveraging social media, community engagement, and influencer partnerships.
  • Focus on operational excellence by hiring competent staff, utilizing business services, and preparing thoroughly for the opening.
  • Expand your business by exploring e-commerce, offering masterclasses, and introducing corporate gifting to diversify revenue streams.

    research the haircare market

    Alright, future moguls, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of market research—the treasure map to your hair care branding success! First things first, you gotta scope out the competition. Peek into what other hair heroes are doing: their strengths, their weaknesses, and especially their hair scents game. This isn't just about knowing who's who in the zoo; it's about finding that sweet spot where your brand can shine.

    Next up, hit the streets—digitally, of course. Social media is a goldmine for insights. What's buzzing? What's not? Use this intel to craft offerings that'll make your customers' hair flip with excitement. And hey, don't forget to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends. Sign up for those newsletters, stalk those trade publications, and maybe even schmooze at a few industry events.

    Here's a fun little list to keep you on track:

    • Analyze competitors (but no catfights, please).
    • Social media sleuthing (get your detective hat on).
    • Trend tracking (be the trendsetter, not the follower).
    • Gap spotting (find it, fill it, flaunt it).


    Remember, your goal is to stand out in a sea of sameness. So, whether it's through unique products, killer branding, or scents that make heads turn, make sure your market research sets you up for a grand slam in the hair care big leagues!


    write a business plan

    Alright, future moguls, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and craft that business plan! This isn't just some boring document; it's your roadmap to success, your treasure map where 'X' marks the spot of your future hair care empire. So, grab a latte, or something stronger (we don't judge), and let's break it down.

    First up, the market analysis. You've got to show you're not just another fish in the sea of hair care hopefuls. What makes your biz the next big wave? Maybe it's your commitment to eco-friendly products or perhaps you've spotted a gap for high-end hair care products. Whatever it is, make it shine in your plan!

    Next, now's a time to start building a small team. These are the wizards behind the curtain, turning gears and pulling levers to bring your vision to life. And hey, if you're a one-person show, that's cool too—just strut your stuff with confidence.

    Before you waltz into a bank with your plan, get a second pair of eyes on it. A fresh perspective can spot things you might've missed—like that accidental coffee stain on page five. Oops!

    Here's a quick checklist to keep you on track:

    • Market Analysis
    • Team (if you want)
    • Financial Projections
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Operations Plan


    Remember, your business plan is a living, breathing thing that will grow and evolve just like your business. So keep it handy, keep it updated, and let it guide you to the top!


    source funding

    Alright, future moguls, let's talk cash flow! Starting a hair care business means you'll need some dough to get those hair supplies and diy hair care kits off the ground. Finding the right funding can be as crucial as the perfect texturizing for hair. Whether you're crafting a hair kit, mixing fragrance for hair, or bottling hair essential oils, you'll need to consider various funding sources.

    Here's a quick rundown of options:

    • Bootstrapping: Start with what you've got and grow organically.
    • Crowdfunding: Get your customers involved from the get-go.
    • Angel Investors: Find a hair care enthusiast with deep pockets.
    • Small Business Loans: Traditional, but sometimes just what you need.


    Remember, each source comes with its own set of strings, so choose wisely and keep your business's best interests at heart. Now, go forth and secure that bag!


    register the business

    Alright, future hair moguls, it's time to make it official! Choosing the right business structure is crucial, whether it's a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation. Each has its own vibe when it comes to taxes, liability, and the way you run your show.

    Next up, you'll want to lock down your business name. If you're a solo act or a dynamic duo, you might need a 'Doing Business As' (DBA). For the LLC and corporation crowd, your state's got your back during the formation fiesta.

    Here's a quick checklist to keep you on track:

    • Decide on your business structure
    • Register your business name
    • Get your business license
    • Snag a sales tax permit
    • Secure a retail certificate of occupancy
    • Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)


    Once you've ticked all these boxes, you're ready to roll out the red carpet for your hair care empire. Let's get this party started!


    source suppliers

    Alright, you've got your hair care empire blueprint ready, now it's time to talk about the lifeblood of your business: the suppliers! Finding the right suppliers is like matching the perfect conditioner to your hair type—it's essential for the best results. You want suppliers that align with your brand's values, whether that's all-natural ingredients, cruelty-free practices, or sustainable sourcing. And if you're reading this blog, you're in the BEST place!

    When you're on the hunt for suppliers, consider diving into the world of hair care supplies from Makesy. They offer a treasure trove of supplies for those looking to add a signature scent to their products. And hey, if you're ordering in bulk, you might just snag yourself some sweet discounts and free shipping for orders over $149.

    Don't forget to explore options for accessories like reed diffusers to complement your product line. Makesy has got you covered with all-natural bases and diffusers that can add that extra oomph to your space. Plus, with free shipping and bulk discounts, it's a no-brainer.

    Here's a quick checklist to keep you on track:

    • Align with brand values
    • Look for quality and reliability
    • Consider customization options
    • Check for bulk discounts and shipping perks


    Remember, your choice of suppliers can make or break your brand, so choose wisely and have fun with it!


    customize your offerings

    Alright, let's talk customization! In the hair care game, it's all about giving your clients that special something they can't get anywhere else. Think tailor-made potions and lotions that scream 'This was made for you!' Start by picking out unique formulations that vibe with your brand's ethos—maybe it's all about that organic goodness or perhaps a touch of luxury with gold flakes?

    And remember, it's not just about the inside; the packaging has to pop too. Work with suppliers like makesy who can help you design labels and bottles that stand out on the shelf.

    • Select base products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.)
    • Choose from a variety of scents and additives
    • Pick packaging colors and designs


    Keep your ear to the ground and listen to what your customers are craving. After all, they're the ones rocking your creations. And hey, if you're feeling extra, throw in some seasonal specials or limited-edition collabs. Keep it fresh, keep it fun, and watch your hair care empire flourish!


    create a marketing strategy

    Alright, you've got your hair care goodies ready to dazzle, but how do you get them flying off the shelves? Time to whip up a marketing strategy that's as fresh as your products! Start by setting clear goals. What's your vision of success? More website traffic, a certain number of products sold, or a solid fan base on social media? Get those targets in your sights!

    Next up, mix and match marketing tactics like a pro. Think collaborations with influencers who can't wait to show off your hair potions, or partnerships with local salons that are all about that hair care magic. And hey, why not throw in some eye-catching promotions and campaigns to spice things up?

    Remember, your brand's vibe should shine through every Instagram post, email blast, and even the packaging. Keep it consistent, authentic, and so you. And for the cherry on top, consider makesy your go-to for getting those products market-ready to market – from ideation to the final spritz!


    leverage social media

    Alright, let's dive into the social media pool – it's where the party's at! Your hair care brand needs to be where the eyes are, and that's scrolling through feeds and stories. Start by showcasing those stunning hair transformations and product demos. It's not just about posting, though; it's about creating a vibe that screams 'This is the mane event!'

    Here's a quick hit-list to get your social media game on point:

    • Flaunt those before-and-after pics to show off your magic touch.
    • Collaborate with hair influencers who can give your brand that extra bounce.
    • Get chatty in the comments to build a community that's all about hair love.
    • Run giveaways and flash sales – everyone loves a good steal!


    Remember, consistency is key. Keep that content fresh and fabulous, and watch your follower count – and your business – grow!


    engage with the community

    Hey there, future hair moguls! Let's chat about getting chummy with the community. It's not just about selling products; it's about creating a vibe that resonates with your peeps. Collaborate with local influencers and businesses to spread the word and build genuine connections. Think pop-up shops at local events or co-hosting a fab hair tutorial workshop.

    Here's a little cheat sheet to get you started:

    • Partner with local salons for cross-promotions.
    • Sponsor a hair show or beauty pageant in your area.
    • Volunteer your products for community theater productions.


    And remember, it's not just about taking - give back too! Host charity events or fundraisers, and watch your brand love grow. It's all about weaving your brand into the local fabric - be seen, be heard, and most importantly, be remembered!


    offer promotions and rewards

    Who doesn't love a good deal? Roll out the red carpet for your customers with irresistible promotions and rewards that'll have them coming back for more. Start by setting up a referral program that turns your current clientele into a powerhouse sales force. Offer them discounts or freebies for every new customer they bring in. It's a win-win!

    Next up, why not collaborate with local businesses or influencers? This can be a fantastic way to reach new audiences. Think giveaways, contests, and exclusive deals that create a buzz around your brand. And don't forget about in-store promotions—nothing beats the charm of a complimentary sample or a surprise discount at checkout.

    Here's a quick peek at some promotional ideas to get you started:

    • Referral Program: Reward your loyal customers for spreading the word.
    • Collaborations: Team up for cross-promotions that benefit everyone involved.
    • In-Store Specials: Entice walk-ins with on-the-spot deals.

    And hey, if you're part of the makesy affiliate program, you're already on the right track to earning some sweet passive income. With up to 10% commission on sales, it's a no-brainer for boosting your bottom line. So, get creative, have fun, and watch your hair care empire flourish!


    utilize influencer partnerships

    Alright, let's talk about getting chummy with the cool kids on the block - influencers! These social media mavens can take your hair care goodies from hidden gems to the talk of the town. Collaborate with influencers who vibe with your brand and watch as they work their magic, turning their followers into your customers. It's like having a bunch of mini billboards, but way cooler and with way better hair.

    Here's a little cheat sheet to get you started:

    • Identify influencers who align with your brand's ethos.
    • Reach out with a personalized pitch - flattery will get you everywhere!
    • Negotiate a fair deal, whether it's an exchange of products or a paid partnership.
    • Set clear expectations for content and timelines.
    • Measure the impact with sweet, sweet data (think engagement rates, traffic spikes, and those ka-ching sales numbers).

    Remember, it's not just about the size of their following; it's the engagement and trust they've built. So go on, slide into those DMs and start building some buzz-worthy partnerships!


    business services

    Alright, let's talk about jazzing up your hair care biz with some snazzy business services! Think of these as the secret sauce that gives your brand that extra zing. From design & marketing to photography, and even web development, it's all about creating a vibe that screams 'This is THE place for fabulous hair care!'

    Here's a little cheat sheet to keep you on track:

    • Design & Marketing: Get your brand looking sharp and your message out there.
    • Photography: Because a picture is worth a thousand words (and sales), and your products deserve to shine!
    • Storage & Displays: Organize your space to make shopping a breeze for your customers.
    • Web Development: Launch a website that's as sleek as a freshly conditioned mane.


    And hey, don't forget about the power of a good base—just like our all-natural, eco-friendly soap bases and skincare bases that make it easy to whip up your own concoctions. It's all about laying down the right foundation to let your creativity (and business) bloom!


    prepare to open

    Alright, you're almost there! The big day is just around the corner, and it's time to get those final ducks in a row. Make sure your store is a head-turner from day one with a vibe that screams 'Welcome to your new hair haven!' Here's a quick checklist to ensure you're ready to roll:

    • Finalize your in-store layout for smooth customer flow.
    • Stock up on inventory – from shampoos to serums, make sure your shelves are gleaming with choices.
    • Train your staff to be as knowledgeable as they are friendly.
    • Set up your point of sale system – because nothing says 'oops' like a payment hiccup.
    • Plan a soft opening or a VIP night to iron out any kinks.

    And remember, opening day is just the beginning. Keep your energy high, your scissors sharp, and your customers smiling. Let's snip that ribbon and start the hair care revolution!


    corporate gifting

    Who doesn't love a freebie, especially when it's as fabulous as your hair care products? Corporate gifting is your golden ticket to brand exposure and client loyalty. Imagine your shampoos and conditioners becoming the talk of the town at the next big industry event!

    Here's the deal: companies are always on the lookout for swanky gifts that make their employees and clients feel special. That's where you come in with your hair care goodies. But hey, don't just slap a bow on it and call it a day. Personalize those gifts to make them extra memorable. Maybe a custom scent that screams 'this is us' or packaging that pops with the company's colors.

    • Personalization: Add a touch of exclusivity with custom labels or scents.
    • Volume Discounts: The more they buy, the less they pay. It's a win-win!
    • Delivery Options: From hand-delivery to snazzy boxes, make receiving the gift an experience.


    And remember, it's not just about the products; it's about the experience. So, make sure your corporate gifting program is as smooth as the silkiest hair serum. Ready to get those orders rolling in?


    classes and masterclass series

    Hey there, future hair moguls! Ready to take your hair care biz to the next level? Dive into our Classes and Masterclass Series and become the mane event in town. These sessions are more than just a few tips on how to snip and style; they're a goldmine of industry secrets and business savvy.

    Here's what you can expect:

    • A lineup of seasoned pros sharing their know-how.
    • Hands-on experience with the latest hair care techniques.
    • Networking opportunities with fellow hairpreneurs.
    • Insights into managing and growing your business.


    Whether you're a newbie with a dream or a seasoned pro looking to expand, our classes cater to all levels. So grab your shears, and let's cut to the chase of success!


    MakerPro membership

    Alright, hair care heroes, it's time to level up with Makerpro! This isn't just any old membership; it's your golden ticket to the big leagues of brand building. With MakerPro, you're not just joining a club, you're unlocking a treasure trove of perks that'll make your business shine brighter than a freshly conditioned coif.

    • Exclusive Discounts: Who doesn't love a good deal? Get your hands on top-notch supplies without breaking the bank.
    • Business Boosters: From marketing services to design and photography, these tools are like the perfect hair mask for your growing brand.
    • Community & Support: Join a network of fellow makers, share stories, swap tips, and support each other's journey to the top.

    And the cherry on top? You'll earn rewards that feel like a standing ovation for your hard work. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to join the ranks of successful merchants and get your brand the spotlight it deserves!



    exploring E-commerce and retail opportunities

    Alright, let's talk shop—literally! Venturing into e-commerce and retail is like the ultimate level-up for your hair care biz. Online or on the shelf, your brand's gotta shine. But hey, it's not just about looking pretty; it's about being where your customers are, whether that's scrolling through Insta or strolling through the mall.

    So, you're thinking, 'Where do I even start?' Easy peasy! First, pick your platform—Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, WooCommerce, you name it. Get that digital storefront looking snazzy with killer product photos and descriptions that make folks wanna click 'Add to Cart'.

    Now, for the brick-and-mortar dreamers, location is everything. Find a spot where your target customers are hanging out. And don't forget those in-store promos—nothing says 'welcome' like a free sample or a cheeky discount. Here's a quick checklist to keep you on track:

    • Choose your e-commerce platform
    • Design a user-friendly website
    • Upload your products with fab photos and descriptions
    • Scout the perfect physical store location
    • Plan in-store promotions to attract foot traffic


    Remember, whether you're going digital, physical, or both, it's all about creating an experience that'll have your customers coming back for more. So go on, make some waves in the world of commerce!



    And there you have it, fabulous hairpreneurs! From untangling the mysteries of market research to styling up a storm with your marketing strategies, we've snipped through the essentials of starting and scaling your hair care empire. Remember, whether you're mixing up a hair potion or crafting the perfect curl, it's all about adding your unique flair to the mane event. So, tease up your ambitions, condition your business plan, and set those goals as high as your hair on a good hair day. Now, go forth and conquer the hair care world with confidence, creativity, and a dash of sparkle!

    Be sure to tag us in your finished creations on Instagram using #makesymade for a chance to get featured on our wall of inspo & win a $100 makesy gift card. Happy making!  

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