How To Prevent Loaf Layers Of Soap From Separating

How To Prevent Loaf Layers Of Soap From Separating

If you’re making a layered loaf of soap, you know that it can be quite challenging to keep the layers together during the cutting process… we’ve been there, too! 

Fortunately, we’ve had a lot of practice making layered soaps and have some insight on how you can master the art of keeping them together. Simply follow these simple secrets and you’re on your way to making perfectly layered soap every single time! 

Here are four tips to make sure your layers of soap stay separate. 


use rubbing alcohol

Whether you’re making melt + pour, cold, or hot process soap, keeping a small spray bottle filled with alcohol handy will really help in your layering process - our frosted bottle with a spray top and sugarcane alcohol will do the trick!

Simply spritzing your soap layers with alcohol right before pouring your next layer on top will help “glue” the two layers together and keep them from separating. Alcohol will also help eliminate bubbles.


allow your layers to cool

Letting your layers completely cool between each pour helps ensure they are fully set and ready to be cut. Enough cooling time means your soap layers can thoroughly bind and harden, which allows for a seamless cutting process, and it ensures that any colorants you use won’t blend together (unless you’re going for a swirl effect).


use the right tools to cut your soap

It’s important to cut your soap with an effective cutting tool like a really sharp knife or soap cutter. If you don’t have a soap cutter, grab your sharpest cleaver or chef’s knife to easily and smoothly cut your soap. The smoother the cut, the better your soap layers will stick together.


change the direction of how you cut your soap

The last tip we have for you is to try cutting your loaf of soap on its side against the layers, instead of straight from the top down through the bottom layers in the way they were poured. This easy change helps the layers bind together in an opposite direction and keeps them together even as they are being cut.


Now that you know how to keep your soap layers from separating, you can create so many new and intact pieces of sudsy fun! We can’t wait to see how you put these tips to use so make sure you tag us in your layered soap making photos on Instagram @makesy.

Interested in learning more fun soap making tips + tricks? Check out our blog on how to make soap frosting.

Happy making!

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