How to Make Serene Spa Bath Salts

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own bath salts, we have the recipe to master that!

Get ready to create serene Maker magic.

If you’re thinking of treating yourself to an at-home spa day, this hydrating and antioxidant-filled bath salt is the perfect companion as you soak in suds. All-natural, hand-harvested, ethically sourced Himalayan Salt and organically grown Bamboo Jade Salt are used to help exfoliate and balance skin in this project. 100% natural Pomace Olive Oil promotes intense moisturizing and blending it with floral notes of rosemary, ivy, and geranium, plus lavender buds for a calming effect, make these bath salts perfectly serene. Once you’ve created your salts, you’ll package them in fun + chic Cloud Glam Tins for an aesthetically pleasing display. 

Makes: 2 Tins of Bath Salts



  • 11.4 oz Pink Himalayan Fine Salt (47.5%)
  • 11.4 oz Bamboo Jade Salt (47.5%)
  • 0.35 oz Olive Pomace Oil (1.45%)
  • 0.35 oz Ivy Geranium + Pink Rosemary Fragrance Oil (1.45%)
  • 0.6 oz Lavender Buds



  1. Add 11.4 oz Pink Himalayan Fine Salt and 11.4 oz of Bamboo Jade Salt to your Pouring Pitcher and blend both salts until fully combined. 
  2. Add 0.35 oz of Olive Oil and 0.35 oz Ivy Geranium + Pink Rosemary Fragrance Oil. Blend all ingredients thoroughly until there are no clumps or dry spots.
  3. Stir in 0.6 oz of Lavender Buds and make sure you can see them through the salts for a better formula appearance.
  4. Your Serene Spa Bath Salt is ready! Transfer your salts into super chic Glam Tins and store in a cool, dry place. We recommend letting them sit for 24 hours before use.
  5. Once you're ready for some sweet serenity, add a few spoonfuls to hot bath water and soak it all up! 


And just like that, you’ve made an exciting creation to add to your me-time routine! Include these bath salts in your creative collection of bath + body products, give them as gifts, or both!

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Happy Making!