Now more than ever the demand for hand sanitizer is at an all time high. Making your own DIY hand sanitizer is a great way to make sure you stay germ free while controlling what ingredients are going on your body. Get squeaky clean with your very own all natural hand sanitizer!

Making hand sanitizer is actually much easier than most people think - only a few ingredients are needed, and it just takes a few minutes!


Something important to know is that you need to have at least 60% alcohol in your total formula in order for your hand sanitizer to be effective at killing germs and viruses. 

Our Organic Alcohol + Witch Hazel formula found in our DIY Kits contains 75% alcohol and 25% witch hazel. That witch hazel is going to help soothe your skin so if you're using your hand sanitizer frequently it won't dry out your skin.  

We’ve paired this skin-friendly base with 100% pure essential oils that pack a germ-fighting punch! Essential oils of California Lemon, Blood Orange, and French Lavender contain natural anti-microbial, antiviral, and antibacterial properties to keep you fresh and germ free!


  • Germ fighting Essential Oils (We love the combo of California Lemon, French Lavender, and Blood Orange)
  • Organic Alcohol + Witch Hazel
  • Spray Bottles (We love the cool apothecary vibe of the Amber Spray Bottles from the makesy)
  • Glass Pouring Pitcher or mixing bowl (we recommend using one with a spout if you do not have a funnel)
  • Bamboo Mixing Spoon or other mixing spoon
  • Funnel (this is included in the DIY Kit)


  1. First, measure out your sanitizer base for the amount of bottles you are going to use. If you’re using our 3.4 oz Amber Spray Bottles, you will want to fill approximately 2.75 oz with base, then save the rest of the room for your essential oils. If you’re not using one or pre-measured kits, use a digital scale to tare and zero out your glass pitcher, then pour in your base until you’ve measured the appropriate amount of base for your total bottle amount and oz fill. You can always reference our Fragrance Percentage Chart here for easy measuring conversions.

  2. Next, measure out your essential oils. You will want 3-6% total essential oils to base. So if you are making a batch of sanitizer with 16 oz of base, so if you’re using 3 essential oils you will want to use 10 ml of each essential oil to your 16 oz base, for a total of 1 oz of essential oil.

  3. Once you’ve measured and poured your essential oils into your base, stir for 1-2 minutes to ensure that the mixture fully combines.

  4. After you’ve combined your essential oils and base, it’s time to pour your sanitizer into bottles. In our DIY Kit we’ve included a handy little funnel to avoid spillage. If you don’t have a funnel, you can use your pitcher to pour directly into the bottles. Pro tip: pour slowly :)


And there you have it! Now you know how to make your very own DIY Hand Sanitizers using 100% pure essential oils. If you want to customize your sanitizer even further, you can scent your sanitizer with any fragrance oil or essential oil from makesy. or even add in crystals to your bottles before pouring in your sanitizer mixture. Be creative and have fun!

The easiest way to get started? Try one of our Hand Sanitizer Kits, which has all the ingredients pre-measured and comes with an easy to follow instruction card.

We LOVE sharing your creations! Don’t forget to share your creations and tag @makesy on Facebook or Instagram for the chance to be featured!

Happy Making!

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