Recipe: How To Make Sweet + Spun Sugar Lip Balm

Recipe: How To Make Sweet + Spun Sugar Lip Balm

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own lip balm, we have the recipe to master that!

Get ready to create moisturizing maker magic…

This easy-to-make, super sweet lip balm contains baobab oil, which is a smooth, cold-pressed, lightweight ingredient and rich in nutrients with many benefits for the skin.

It blends perfectly with skin-safe and ethically sourced beeswax coco creme and natural glycerin sweetener for an all-natural sweetening sensation.

To top off your lip balm flavor, you’ll use just the right amount of a sweet toasted sugar flavor that has notes of toasted marshmallow and sugar crystals (yum)! Package your lip balm in gorgeous frosted jars and seal with bamboo lids for an aesthetically pleasing display.

Keep reading to gather the following supplies + ingredients you need to create a fun, soothing lip balm. Handmade stocking stuffers, anyone?


beeswax lip balm recipe

Makes 12 lip balms



    Ingredients in each lip balm



        1. Add 1.4 oz of Ccold-pressed baobab oil and 0.5 oz of beeswax coco creme to your pouring pitcher and heat in the microwave to fully melt your formula. Try 30-60 seconds at a time to achieve a full melt then carefully remove your pitcher from the microwave.
        2. Add 0.01 oz of toasted sugar flavor oil and 0.01 oz of natural glycerin sweetener to your formula and blend to fully combine.
        3. It’s ready to package! Carefully pour your mixture into the frosted glass jars and let them fully cool and harden before enjoying your lip balm sweetness.


        Look at that… now you can consider yourself a body care maker! Add these fun finished products to your bath + body collection, give them as gifts, or both! They are a perfect pocket-sized masterpiece.

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        Happy making!

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