Haute Holiday Trends & Project Inspiration At Makesy

Haute Holiday Trends & Project Inspiration At Makesy

The holidays already? We can’t believe how quickly this year has progressed, but the temperatures are dropping and we get the chance to live in our favorite hoodies again (yesss)!

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit and make new creations filled with color, inspiring fragrances, and loads of sparkle and shine!

If you’re looking for stand-out candle jars, holiday party (eco-friendly) glitters, and uplifting fragrance oils, read on for some fun festive project inspiration.

glitz & glamour

It’s time to get a little gatsby, makers!  That’s right, we’re seeing the return of sequins, sparkle, and everything glam!

After a year of dressing up with nowhere to go, it’s time to gear up with all the glitz! Glam up your collection with makesy’s shiny and timeless collection of supplies that are sure to dazzle your customers.

Here are some of our favorites that are ready to pair for a sparkling holiday collection.


metallic candle jars

So much brilliance and can’t-help-but-stare vibes bounce off our metallic aura candle vessels. You can't go wrong with the lustrous gold aura vessel 

For an edgier vibe, use our lustrous gunmetal aura vessel brings in a rock and roll meets glam element that would be perfect with a masculine fragrance oil and our ebony eco dye.

For a more subtle shine, we recommend our gold glam tin, copper glam tin, and black glam tin. These come with matching lids and are one of our most popular candle vessel styles. They are sure to be a big hit during the holidays but also make sense for a year-round collection.

To make a multi-wick style candle, we love our ory vessel, which comes in a variety of colors, all with a brushed metal finish and matching lid. You can wick them with either our ultimate wood wick or our performance cotton wicks.


lustrous candle lids

For those who love to top off their candles with fun, stand-out lids, these are the ones you need!

Adding a metallic lid elevates the quality of your candles and also gives them an instant holiday feel.

Get your hands on our gold aura candle lid, copper aura candle lid, and black aura candle lid.

If you prefer a thinner style, these thin gold metal lids fit our 12oz aura vessels and look so chic and luxe on any aura color. They also come in gunmetal and copper. 

Our 12oz auras are available for purchase without lids which allows you to completely customize how you mix and match the styles.

We also have tons of candle vessels that come with matching lids. Browse our full candle vessel collection here to choose a style that comes with both the vessel and lid together.


enhancing crystals

Add powerful gemstones to your candles that encourage happiness, balance, and protection from negative energies.

We recommend citrine mini chipsobsidian mini chips, or clear quartz points (shown at left).

Crystals can be added directly to the tops of your candles after your wax has been poured and cooled.

Use a heat gun (a must have for every candle maker!) to melt the top layer of the wax in your candle vessel. Then place a few crystals into the melted wax and let the candle finish curing. The crystals will burn down as the candle burns and can be saved at the end. We recommend placing them near the edge of the vessel so the crystals don't interfere with the candle wick when lit.

If you want to add even more crystals to your candle creations, you can also add an agate slice to your candle lid. Simply glue a colorful agate slice to a wood, cork, or metal candle lid and you'll instantly elevate the design.


biodegradable eco glitters

We cannot get enough of these gorgeous, skin-safe shimmers!

Our biodegradable eco glitters are made from eucalyptus trees, can you believe that?

They are 100% the perfect addition to your soaps, candles, body care products, and honestly any other fun holiday project.

With their wholesome Made.Better™ benefits of being biodegradable, non-toxic, and plant-based, these are truly show-stopping pieces of glam. 

Here are just a few of our favorite colors: rubellite eco glitter, topaz eco glitter, emerald eco glitter, gold glitter chunks, platinum glitter chunks, psychedelic glitter chunks.

Eco glitter can be sprinkled directly on the tops of your candles. It's completely safe when burning when in used in the suggested amount. You can learn more about how to use eco glitter in candles in this video.

uplifting & inspiring scent sensations

This time of year encourages a lot of connection with loved ones and reflection on how our lives have progressed.

With so much to talk about and festive activities and gatherings to plan for, it’s important to set the scene with delicious food, drinks, and fragrance!

Find inspiration in yummy gourmand and thought-provoking scents for your holiday projects in a few of our seasonal faves:

maple chai & sweet cream pumpkin & persimmon smoked cognac & chocolate bitters

Give friends and family fragrances to indulge in with delectable, edible notes and luxurious, classic scents. Whether you’re making for your holiday collection or for personal use, these fragrances are sure to make a living space feel cozy, warm, and inviting. You can also sample new holiday scents in one of our holiday fragrance discovery kits - they're curated for your creations!

Maker tip: If you’re making room sprays, soaps, or candles, don’t forget to consider your enhancing options with our fabulous collection of enhancers.

trending color schemes

A popular color combo coming up this season is the balancing act between yellow and gray.

Yellow, a shade reminiscent of happiness, and gray, a toned down tint of slate and rainy days, are paving their way to be a makers combo of choice.

We're super excited to see these colors in action as they unexpectedly pair really well and make for a super stylish set to sell *hint hint, nudge nudge* 

Check out these fun makesy yellow + gray making supplies: lustrous gunmetal aura and organic turmeric powder

Maker tip: Mix and match your vessels and lids for fun yellow and gray color combos -
silver aura candle lid  and matte canary aura
gold aura candle lid and lustrous gunmetal aura vessel

jewels, gems & stones

The holidays are such a fun and exciting time to make and try new things.

As we enter a new season of experimentation, we’re seeing trends of trying different dreamy, unexpected combinations. 

We are loving forest-inspired, iridescent, whimsical elements for your products that are sure to draw in new customers and bring back old ones.

With jewel-tone, earthy candle jars, and high-vibing gemstones as part of your maker selections, your ability to make alluring, fun creations are limitless. 

Check out one our favorite translucent, nature-inspired, energy-filled combos that we’re loving for your falliday projects:

A forest escape: translucent hunter aura vessel and black tourmaline rods.

We hope you have tons of fun finding inspo for your holiday collections and get into the spirit with all the glitz, glam, and magical things you can make with!

Make sure to tag us @makesy on Instagram to show us how you’re getting festive with your products and we might just feature you on our page!

Happy haute holiday making!

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