Fall Trends in Candles & Home Fragrance

Fall Trends in Candles & Home Fragrance

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After long days of play, lots of sun & a little bit of heat, it’s always bittersweet to say buh-bye to summer & jump into crisp, cool air, changing colors, warm apple cider & all the fall things!

When lookin’ forward to fall, it’s important to curate your collection in two ways. 1. With a bit of that true fall nostalgia & 2. With current & upcoming trends in mind. Ready to *fall* in love with fall? Let’s jump into some trends!


candle care kit matte black accessories

the goth aesthetic

Oh my goth! It’s back (in black). And no, it’s not a phase. Pinterest predicted that a goth aesthetic would make its way back into our wardrobes and homes this fall, but Who What Wear solidified the trend that many call a lifestyle, lettin’ us know it’ll be a huge part of fall & winter.

So how do you incorporate this aesthetic into your creations? Think black…lots, and lots and lots of black.

Black candles & diffusers - even black diffuser reeds. Black packaging for all those skin care, body care, or hair care products.

Anything deep, dark, and even a little grunge will make your product(s) a must-have item on people’s counters & shelves for the latter part of the year.

Take a look at some of our fave black components to get you’re gothic gears turnin’:

  • black candle vessels
  • black diffuser reeds
  • black packaging
  • black matches
  • black crystals

  • fall fragrance chocolate

    chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate.

    There’s truly nothin’ better than warm & deep fragrance notes when the seasons start to change.

    Fall fragrances like vanilla, tobacco & cinnamon will be accompanied by chocolate in 2022. Think ooey-gooey, delicious chocolate fudge. Mhmm!

    Have you ever smelled a chocolate-scented candle? Tasted a chocolate-flavored lip balm? If you’re a fan of cocoa, odds are those that you’re makin’ your goodies for are, too! Don’t forget to add chocolatey colors to match those scents!


    eucalyptus image

    connection to nature

    In this post-pandemic world, people will be focused on living their best life, whether they’ve gained a newfound love for staying home or are ready to get out & start spreading their wings again.

    There is an emphasis on connection to the natural world through color, fragrance, ingredients, and functional benefits.

    What does this look like? Natural fragrances, neutral & earth-toned color palettes, and even ingredients such as active charcoal will be popular as people lean in & reconnect with nature.



    As people start opening up their homes again, there is a focus placed on functional beauty. And why not?

    Elevated packaging for housing beauty products, luxurious vessels for candles that make a statement…things can be functional & beautiful at the same time!

    Some of our favorites for fall include:

    Whether you’re aiming to expand your color palette or dabble in a new direction, we hope that these trends will guide ya where you wanna go!

    Happy making!

    We love sharing your creations! Don’t forget to share your magic with us & tag @makesy on Instagram or use the hashtags #makesymade for the chance to be featured!

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