7 Supplies 3 Tools

A lovely, enchanting soap combination to keep your hands clean and scented with a fresh essence and skin soothing benefits.

7 Supplies

1x 1lb Coco Mango Butter Melt & Pour Base $8.95
1x 2oz Red Rose Petals $4.95
1x 2oz Organic Blue Cornflower Petals $16.95
1x 2oz Lavender Buds $4.95
1x 2oz Calendula Petals $3.95
1x 2oz Wildflowers & Sea Air Fragrance $10.76
1x Silicone Rectangle 4 Cavity Mold $8.96

3 Tools

Bamboo Mixing Spoon $2.25
Glass Pouring Pitchers $24.95
Digital Scale $26.95

Description: Wonderful Wildflower Soap Project


A lovely, enchanting soap combination to keep your hands clean and scented with a fresh essence and skin soothing benefits. This project beautifully blends a high quality, all-natural soap base with fragrance that mingles notes of salty sea air and gorgeous coastline greenery, and a vibrant mix of dried botanicals that are known for their versatile abilities like absorbing skin impurities, reducing anxiety, and hydrating skin. Create this lovely soap using an easy-to-use rectangle mold that’s dishwasher safe and reusable for A LOT more fun + sudsy action!

More Details

Coco Mango Butter Melt + Pour Base is a custom blend of skin brightening mango butter, deeply hydrating and exotic jojoba oil, and cleansing coconut oil made from 100% sustainably sourced and natural ingredients. Without a doubt, this is the highest quality melt + pour base available and formulated to remain extra hard use after use. Wildflowers + Sea Air Fragrance is filled with bright, fresh greens, and floral notes like rosemary, sea salt accord, honey, and amber. Red Rose Petals have been used for centuries for their ability to soothe and moisturize the skin, and help fight acne. The sugar found in rose petals is especially beneficial to those with sensitive skin, and can help retain natural oils on the skin's surface to keep it feeling soft and smooth. Organic Blue Cornflower Petals are fun bits of blue that are mildly scented, but vibrantly colored, and can be used on the skin to help cool, tone, and absorb impurities. Internally, cornflower tea is believed to treat fever, constipation, congestion, and yeast infections. These fun, blue-colored petals are perfect toppings for any project. Lovely Lavender Buds are globally known for their impressive ability to improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and treat skin blemishes. They are highly aromatic and sourced from France, the world's most premium lavender source. Calendula Petals come from what is commonly known as the Marigold flower and can be used to soothe almost any skin complaint from eczema to diaper rash. This sunny, golden flower is a potent anti-inflammatory that will rehydrate and replenish skin while adding a vibrant color to any project. Includes 1 reusable, dishwasher safe Silicone Rectangle Cavity Mold that makes 4 soaps at a time.


Time: 25 mins

A lovely, enchanting soap combination to keep your hands clean and scented with a fresh essence and skin soothing benefits.

Project Prep:

Cover your workspace and gather all your materials. Make sure all your tools are clean and ready for making!


Place your Coco Mango Butter Melt + Pour Base in your pitcher and heat it up in the microwave or on a double boiler until it is completely melted. If you’re using the microwave (which is usually easiest), make sure to only heat in 30 second intervals. Once the base has melted completely, transfer it into your large glass pouring pitcher to begin adding fragrance and any additives.
Add in 0.48 oz of Wildflowers + Sea Air Fragrance Oil and thoroughly blend your base and fragrance together.
Add in a pinch of each of your dried botanicals: Red Rose Petals, Organic Blue Cornflower Petals, Lavender Buds, and Calendula Petals, then stir them into your soap.
Pour your soap evenly into your soap mold.
Now sprinkle more of your colorful dried botanicals on the top layer of your soap. You’ll want to do this right after you pour your soap into your mold because Melt + Pour Soap does start to cure quickly.
Let your soap cure! One of the nicest things about Melt + Pour Soap is that the cure time is significantly shorter than in the traditional soap making processes. We recommend letting this one cure for at least 12 hours.
Lather up! Your Wonderful Wildflower Soap is now ready to use. If you’re packaging them to sell, make sure to keep one for yourself!