11 Supplies 5 Tools

This candle project is an alluring take on sugar, spice, and everything nice.

11 Supplies

11 lb Virgin Coco Soy $54.95
16 oz Rose Water + Hibiscus Oil $38.95
4 White Linen Candle Boxes $15.80
4 Iridescent Cloud Aura Vessels (12 oz / 48 oz) $24.60
4 Raw Pine Wood Lids $11.80
100 x Wicks Ultimate Wick .02 - .5” wide $20.00
1 oz Pearl Mica $5.95
4 Aquamarine Mini Chips (5g) $19.80
Wick Clips 1x 100 pack $7.00
1x Wick Stickers 12 pack $1.95
1x Safety Labels set of 24 $3.95

5 Tools

Bamboo Spoon 9in $2.55
Large Pouring Pitcher $16.95
Digital Scale $26.95
Thermometer $29.95
Heat Gun $29.00

Description: Something Blue Bridal Candle


Get ready to make kissable Maker magic!

You may nowwww kiss the bride! *Cheers* This all-natural lip scrub exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal softer, plumper and more hydrated lips. Pucker up, babyyy! Organic Coconut Sugar sloughs away damaged skin while an antioxidant-rich blend of Avocado, Rosehip and Argan oils rejuvenate the lips. We see a makeout sesh in the future…

More Details

Virgin coco soy wax is a wonderful, easy to use, non-toxic, clean burning, biodegradable and natural wax. It is skin-safe, contains a heat antioxidant to prevent discoloration, and offers a bright white color, reminiscent of a beautiful bridal gown. This wax is made from soy, coconut and food-grade paraffin in the USA. Rose water & hibiscus fragrance oil is bright and floral, like a bridal bouquet full of roses, with hints of delicate morning dew. Aquamarine mini chips aid in balance & promote love and selflessness. They also help create mental clarity, and soothe an overactive mind - no cold feet here! Pearl mica can be used to enhance all kinds of projects, giving a pearlescent & iridescent pigment with soft and silken luster…magical! Crackling wooden wicks offer a soothing crackling ambiance, modern flame, and are a more sustainable wick choice that adds unique value to your candle. Top it off with raw pine wood lids and add a classic finishing touch to these beautiful vessels. Includes 4 iridescent cloud aura vessels to give your candles a whimsical, romantic appeal wherever your candle is displayed.


Time: 10-20 mins

This candle project is an alluring take on sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Project Prep:

Cover your workspace and gather all your materials. Make sure all your tools are clean and ready for making! Use a damp cloth to clean out your candle vessels so they’re wax-ready.


Fill a stove-safe pot with water until the height of water has reached approximately 2” to 3” / 50mm to 75mm and heat it up. Bring water to a mild simmer (not boiling).
Cut your Virgin Coco Soy Wax into small chunks, and weigh out approximately 48 oz of wax on a digital scale. Place wax into your large pouring pitcher, and place the pouring pitcher into the simmering water.
While your wax is melting, gather your wick clips, wick stickers, and wicks. Place the wicks into your wick clips, and place your wick stickers onto the bottom of your wick clips. Remove the second side of adhesive from your wick sticker and place the wick assembly into the bottom center of your vessels.
Using your digital scale, weigh 4.8 oz of Rose Water + Hibiscus Fragrance Oil, which is about a 10% fragrance load to give your candle the perfect scent throw.
Place your thermometer into the melted wax and turn it on. Once the temperature has reached 160° - 180° F / 71° - 82° C, remove wax from the heat. If the wax is hotter, let it sit until it reaches 160° - 180° F / 71°- 82° C.
Pour the measured 4.8 oz of fragrance oil into your melted wax, and use your Bamboo Mixing Spoon to blend all ingredients together for 2 to 3 minutes to make sure it fully combines.
Carefully pour your wax and fragrance combination into your Iridescent Cloud Aura Vessels, leaving approximately ½” to 1” / 12.7 mm to 25.4 mm of the vessel showing above the surface of the wax.
Allow your candles to cool for 24 hours.
If your candles are uneven, plug in your heat gun and apply heat by moving the heat gun around the wax until there is about ¼“ of melted wax. Be sure to keep the heat gun about 2-3 inches away from the wick.
Once your top is smooth and solid, decorate your candle with Pearl Mica. Using a little spoon, sprinkle some Pearl Mica on the top of your candle. To spread it around, move your candle in circles until the top is covered. Remember, a little goes a long way!
To add your Aquamarine Mini Chips, apply some heat with the heat gun about 3 to 4 inches away from the candle until you see it slightly soft, but making sure the Pearl Mica does not disperse. Add your Aquamarine Mini Chips and let it set.
Once your candles have fully cooled, trim your wicks to approximately 0.2” / 5 mm above the wax. Then, place your safety labels on the bottom of the vessels for the final touch of your beautiful Something Blue Bridal Candle!