4 Supplies 4 Tools

This super easy-to-make body wash formula will be ready in just a few steps.

4 Supplies


16oz Super Creamy Shower Gel Base


0.33oz Milky Coconut + Suntan Lotion Fragrance Oil


1oz Pearl Mica


2x 200ml Frosted Bamboo Bottle


4 Tools


Glass Pouring Pitchers


Safety Goggles


Stainless Steel Funnel Set


Bamboo Mixing Spoon


silky milky body wash project


Get ready to create moisturizing Maker magic!

This super easy-to-make body wash formula will be ready in just a few steps. You’ll use a luxurious, cruelty-free, cultivated Goat Milk + Shea Butter shower gel base with Certified Organic Oils and blend it with our all-natural Milky Coconut + Suntan Lotion Fragrance Oil that reminisces a relaxing beach day full of coastal sunshine with hints of coconut and tropical leaves. Adding Pearl Mica will give your moisturizing body wash an iridescent pigment that you’ll pack into sleek black glass pump bottles for an aesthetically pleasing display.

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Super Creamy Shower Gel Base contains a blend of Goat’s Milk and Shea Butter, forming a rich, creamy, gluten-free shower + bath gel base with nourishing Certified Organic Oils like Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Liquid Goat’s Milk, and Coconut Oil. Milky Coconut + Suntan Lotion Fragrance Oil offers sensations of a creamy vanilla milk, coconut, tropical leaves, and white lilies. Pearl Mica adds pearlescent + iridescent pigment with soft and silken luster to soaps, body care + more. Packaging includes 2 Black UV Glass Bottles that hold 200 ml each.


Time: 10 mins

This super easy-to-make body wash formula will be ready in just a few steps.


Project Prep:

Clean your workspace with warm, soapy water or wipe it down with disinfecting alcohol and a lint-free cloth.
Make sure the room you’re working in is properly ventilated so open up windows if possible (with proper netting so insects don’t fly in). Do not work with a fan on as this can ruin your project formula, especially if you’re using powders.
Make sure all of your making supplies are completely clean before beginning your project. Disinfect your supplies by dipping them in a 5% bleach water solution and let them dry. This includes any containers and spatulas or spoons you’re using to mix + blend your formula. It’s important to make sure your formula is made as germ-free as possible so you can reap all the delicious smelling, soothing benefits!
Organize your workspace by having all your supplies out and readily available. It can be helpful to place your unused supplies on one side of your workspace and then once used in the making process, place them on the other side.
If the project you’re working on requires extra layers of protection because of potential unwanted (hot) splashes, you may want to wear protective equipment like these ultra-chic Safety Glasses or Goggles and Maker Apron.


Pour 13.5 oz of Super Creamy Shower Gel Base into your Pouring Pitcher.
Add 0.1 oz of Milky Coconut + Suntan Lotion Fragrance Oil and blend ingredients to fully combine.
Add ⅓ tsp of Pearl Mica to your formula and blend until you get rid of all clumps.
It’s ready! Use a funnel to carefully pour your soap into Black Glass Bottles and seal with Pump Tops so you can enjoy your silky milky goodness.

Maker Tip: If the mica seems to settle toward the bottom of your bottle, shake it before using.