8 Supplies 4 Tools

Light one up! Inhale the good vibes with this cannabis-inspired luxury candle project.

8 Supplies

1x 11lb Virgin Coconut Soy Candle Wax $54.95
1x 16oz Cannabis + Agarwood Fragrance Oil $51.95
10x Black Metal Tin $29.50
5x Citrine Mini Chips 49.75
100 x Wicks Ultimate Wick .03 - .625” wide $23.00
100x Wick Clips $7.00
12x Wick Stickers $1.95
24x Warning Labels $3.95

4 Tools

Bamboo Mixing Spoon $2.25
Large Pouring Pitcher $16.95
Digital Scale $26.95
Thermometer $29.95

Description: Cannabis Candle Project


Light one up! Inhale the good vibes with this cannabis-inspired luxury candle project. You’ll combine a creamy, vegan, non-toxic coconut soy wax blend with a super sexy scent. This alluring sensation mingles exotic woods and seductive amber with hemp smoke in a euphoric and psychedelic trip to a rich, foreign land. Once your wax settles in classic black metal tins, you’ll add gems to the top layer of your candle for a pop of color that welcomes positive change and joy.

More Details

Virgin Coconut Soy Wax is a luxurious, vegan blend that is gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and comes from renewable sources. It has a creamy white appearance, exceptional adhesion, provides an excellent fragrance throw (both hot and cold), and exhibits an optimal evenness of burn and wax consumption. Cannabis + Agarwood Fragrance Oil is an undeniably luxurious scent with notes of cantaloupe, marijuana leaf, and amber. Crackling Wooden Wicks offer a soothing crackling ambiance, modern flame, and are a more sustainable wick choice that adds unique value to your candle. Citrine Mini Chips are gorgeous gemstones that aid in opening your heart to joy and change. Includes 10 Black Metal Tins + Lids that hold 5 oz each.


Time: 45 - 60 mins

Light one up! Inhale the good vibes with this cannabis-inspired luxury candle project.

Project Prep:

Cover your workspace and gather all your materials. Make sure all your tools are clean and ready for making! Use a damp cloth to clean out your candle vessels so they’re wax-ready.


Fill a stove safe pot with water until the height of water has reached approximately 2” to 3” / 50mm to 75mm and place on heat. Bring water to a mild simmer (not boiling).
Cut Virgin Coconut Soy into small chunks, and weigh out approximately 58 oz of wax on a digital scale. Place wax into your large pouring pitcher, and place the pouring pitcher into the simmering water.
While your wax is melting, gather your wick clips, wick stickers, and wicks. Place the wicks into your wick clips, and place your wick stickers onto the bottom of your wick clip. Remove the second side of adhesive from your wick sticker and place the wick assembly into the bottom center of your vessels.
Using your digital scale, weigh 8 oz of fragrance oil (this will be half of your 16 oz bottle). This is an approximate 10% fragrance load, which will give a strong + soothing scent throw!
Place your thermometer into the melted wax and turn on. Once the temperature has reached 180-190 degrees F / 82-87 degrees C, remove wax from the heat.
Pour the measured 8 oz of fragrance oil into your melted wax, and use the Bamboo Mixing Spoon to mix together for 2 to 3 minutes.
Carefully pour your wax + fragrance combination into your vessels, leaving approximately ½” to 1” / 12.7mm to 25.4 mm of the vessel showing above the surface of the wax.
Allow your candles to cool for 24 hours before moving, trimming your wick, or lighting.
Once fully cooled, trim your wicks to approximately .2” / 5mm above the wax.
Plug in your heat gun and turn on. Gently wave over the surface of the wax until it is mildly liquefied and press in your Peridot Mini Chips creatively! Continue to use the heat gun until the wax surface is smooth and crystals are placed as desired.
Allow candles to cool fully - this should take approximately 15-30 minutes. Place your safety labels on the bottom of the vessels and enjoy your 100% natural luxury candle. Breathe deep and burn better!