5oz mod diffuser set- matte black - Makesy

5oz mod diffuser set- matte black


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Diffusers are an easy way to fill your space with long-lasting aromas that set the mood. These low-maintenance, scent diffusers disperse fragrance naturally & can be changed out anytime. This set includes a chic, glass diffuser bottle, a translucent diffuser stopper & a diffuser collar that you can mix & match to customize the look.

Suggested fill: 5oz
​​​​​​​Size: 3.75" h x 2.62" w

Sold in a set of 12.

Having trouble choosing a color? Try the vessel sample pack with an assortment of colorways in one convenient package!

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Diffuser bottle:

Material: glass

Suggested fill: 5 oz

Overflow oz fill: 5.2 oz

Diameter: 2.62 in

Height: 3.75 in

Weight: 8.92 oz



Material: plastic

Diameter: 0.75 in

Height. 0.77 in

Weight: 0.15 oz



Material: plastic

Diameter: 0.95 in

Height: 0.5 in

Weight: 0.03 oz

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