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Take a trip to the tropics with this exfoliating face mask. This hydrating blend of tropical fruit extracts and vegan collagen substitutes gently exfoliate and reduce UV-induced inflammation which can help prevent the formation of dark spots as a result of sun exposure.

The Supply List

2x 40ml frosted glass dropper bottle with bamboo cap
1x 20ml frosted glass dropper bottle with bamboo cap
2x 2oz fruit enzyme exfoliating mask
1x 0.04oz island papaya & pink hibiscus
1x 10ml vegan collagen liquid amino blend


1. Mix it up. In a squeaky clean mixing bowl, add both 2oz bottles of fruit enzyme exfoliating mask, 10ml vegan collagen liquid amino blend, and .04oz of island papaya & pink hibiscus, .04oz, and mix with a clean stirring utensil until all ingredients are completely mixed.

2. Pour it out. Carefully pour into your provided bottles. Don’t forget to seal your dropper bottle!

Directions for Use

Apply 1-2 droppers worth of product onto your fingertips and apply generously to face and other sunkissed spots. Allow product to rest and absorb for 15 minutes. Follow by wiping off with warm water and a gentle cloth, or with your favorite mild cleanser! Moisturize and apply sunscreen for a few days following treatment.

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