so beautiful diy bath salt kit

need the supplies? get the diy kit.


This blend of fine and coarse himalayan salts help to nourish and relax the body and mind. Bright red pomegranate flowers calm the skin, and help to smooth and protect skin for a beautiful glowing complexion.  

The Supply List

1x 7oz fine himalayan pink salt
1x 5oz coarse himalayan pink salt
1x 10ml waterlily & rose hip fragrance
1x 0.5oz pomegranate flowers
1x 9oz creme glam tin


1. In a mixing bowl, add the entire contents of both fine (7oz) and coarse (5oz) Himalayan pink salt, and your 10ml waterlily & rosehip fragrance and mix either with clean hands or with a mixing utensil.

2. Add your 0.5oz pomegranate flowers and mix until they are distributed to your visual preference.

3. Carefully pour your bath salt mixture into your creme glam tin and seal.

4. Whenever you want to use, add 4tbsp (~2oz) to a White Organza bag.

Directions for Use

Add ¼ cup (2tbsp) of bath salt blend to an organza bag. Use drawstrings on organza bag to tie the bag to the bath faucet. Draw your bath with the bag attached. Once ready remove the bag from the faucet and reseal. If you want, allow the bath tea to steep in the bath.

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