simple sophistication diy candle kit

need the supplies? get the diy kit.


Elevate each moment with a touch of vanilla and a hit of cashmere. Share the moment with that special someone and let the simple times create the best times.

Makes 2

The Supply List

2x 11oz wax kraft bag
2x matte sand aura
2x maple wood lid thick
2x 1oz cashmere + vanilla fragrance oil
2x crackling booster wick .02x.750x.5”
2x 9” bamboo mixing spoon
2x wick metal clips
2x wick sticker
2x safety labels

Project Prep

Cover your workspace and gather all your materials. Make sure all your tools are clean and ready for making! Use a damp cloth to clean out your candle vessels so they’re wax-ready.


1. Set it up. Gather your wick clips, wick stickers, and wicks. Place the wicks into your wick clips, and place your wick stickers onto the bottom of your wick clips. Remove the second side of adhesive from your wick sticker and place the wick assembly into the bottom center of your vessels.

2. Heat things up. Remove the lid(s) from your eco-mason jar(s). Microwave each jar (separately) for approximately 3 minutes or until the wax just fully liquifies. Use caution when removing the jar from the microwave as glass will be hot. Remember do not put any metals along with the jar. Stir your wax with the bamboo spoon just for a few seconds.

3. Add your bottle(s) of fragrance oil and use the bamboo mixing spoon to stir the fragrance in for 2 to 3 minutes. Carefully pour your wax and fragrance concoction into the vessel(s).

4. Chill out. Let your candles set on a flat surface for at least 24 hours. Once your candles have fully cooled, apply a small amount of mica then spread it around by moving your candle in circular motions. Once the desired look is achieved, remove any excess mica.

5. Safety first. Apply safety labels to the bottom of your candles. They are now ready to be lit up. Enjoy your candles!

Directions for Use

Light your candles and enjoy for 4 hours max. Cover your candle to prevent any dust from getting on it. Before relighting your candle, make sure the wax has set(solidified) and trimmed the carbon on the wick for best performance. Never leave the candle unattended. Never leave children or pets alone in a room with a lit-up candle.

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