Incense Starter Kit
Incense Starter Kit

Incense Starter Kit



Get your incense biz set up with $15 in savings! Dive right into incense making with all the supplies you'll need including 100 joss & bamboo sticks, 100 charcoal topflow cones and 4 amazing fragrances! Explore and test with our 2 ceramic ash catchers, must-have tools & use our How to make Incense blog to get all the info and recipes you need to get started.

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incense starter kit includes:
1 x unity incense holder- matte sand
1 x genji incense holder- matte sand
100 x 11 inch natural joss powder & bamboo incense sticks- unscented
100 x 1 inch topflow charcoal incense cones- unscented
1 x Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) 16oz
1 x dried florals & incense fragrance 2oz
1 x sage & lavender fragrance 2oz
1 x smudge ritual & crisp cypress fragrance 2oz
1 x flowering clove & sandalwood fragrance 2oz
20 x Clear Bag 3 x 12 inch
1 x 50ml beaker
4 x muslin bags
12 x labels

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