Zodiac Themed Candle Designs

Zodiac Themed Candle Designs

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If you’re a fan of checking your horoscope, you’ll love these fun zodiac-themed candle designs!  Whether you’re creating candles, soap, bath + body products, or home cleaning products, adding a fun spin on your collection like zodiac pairings is a unique way to draw in customers and make your products look and feel a little more personal.

Find your sign and see how it pairs with our enticing scents and top-selling candle vessels.


capricorn candle 

December 22 - January 19

Design your capricorn candle using our matte clay aura candle vessel & coffee bean & cacoa fragrance oil.

Capricorns tend to be the responsible and disciplined ones out of the zodiac friend group. As an earth sign represented by shades of black and brown, the Matte Clay Aura meets their ability to stay grounded and practical.

A Capricorn often sticks to tradition, is a little more reserved, and has a sense of independence that allows them to progress in their endeavors, learn from their mistakes, and use their experience to their advantage.

As Capricorns approach their responsibilities and life with the utmost importance, an authentic fragrance of coffee, creamy caramel, brown sugar, and vanilla is a scent-sational match for their sincere and genuine attitude.

Matte Clay
Coffee Bean Fragrance

aquarius candle

January 20 - February 18

Design your Aquarius candle using our iridescent cloud aura candle vessel & salt air & honeydew fragrance oil.

An Aquarius draws energy from his or her surroundings. They are deep thinkers, enjoy spontaneity, and are adaptive to their environment, making the playful appearance of the iridescent cloud aura enough to stand out and blend in all at once.

As an air sign and someone who may need to step away from the crowd for a reset, the scent of crashing waves, salty air, and subtle sweetness is found in their fragrance pairing filled with notes of ozonic accord, melon, jasmine petals, and sheer musk, reminiscent of a much needed, solo walk on the beach.

Iridescent Cloud Aura
Salt Air + Honeydew Fragrance

pisces candle

February 19 - March 20

Design your Pisces candle using our matte lilac aura candle vessel & dark rose & labdanum fragrance oil.

Pisces’ are friendly, selfless, and romance seekers. They are incredibly intuitive and capable of forming strong emotional relationships if they let their intuition guide them.

A Pisces finds connection to the arts and shades of purple, which is the reason for their match with the lilac aura. Although they sometimes experience obstacles related to their fears, love is the one thing that helps guide a Pisces.

The arousing sensations of pink peppercorn, plum, black rose, and vanilla in their fragrance pairing are the perfect match to inspire intrinsic thinking and a nudge of love in the right direction.

Matte Lilac Aura
Dark Rose + Labdanum Fragrance

aries candle

March 21 - April 19

Design your Aries candle using our matte persimmon aura candle vessel & lime sangria & guava blossoms fragrance oil.

Aries' are a determined, confident, enthusiastic bunch. As a fire sign, it’s only right an Aries pairs with our bold, eye-catching matte persimmon aura. The presence of an Aries signifies lots of energy and activity, with the desire to compete and be first in just about everything.

As strong-willed brave souls, an Aries is encapsulated in its paired scent filled with strong, blooming notes of lime, guava, nectarine, passion fruit, and amber - a fragrance that truly stands out amongst the crowd.

Matte Persimmon Aura
Lime Sangria Fragrance


taurus candle

April 20 - May 20

Design your Taurus candle using our matte olive aura candle vessel & mahogany embers & beeswax fragrance oil.

Taurus' are known for their reliability, dedication, and commitment. As an earth sign, the compatibility with our matte olive aura represents their ability to put things into perspective from a grounded point of view and their love of being surrounded by natural beauty.

When a Taurus’ mind is made up, they stop at nothing to achieve their goals and remain committed to their decisions. The fragrance pairing for a Taurus expresses notes of clove leaf, lit matches, burnt incense, mahogany, and beeswax, a sensation that burns deep the same way a Taurus’ loyalty does.

Matte Olive Aura
Mahogany Embers


 gemini candle

May 21 - June 21

Design your Gemini candle using our matte canary aura candle vessel & mangosteen & green coconut fragrance oil.

Geminis are known to be the expressive, quick-witted, open-minded ones. They are very sociable and thoughtful, and love to explore what the world has to offer. They tend to be seen as the “let’s get out and go” type, resonating with our playful and enthusiastic yellow aura.

As lovers of new experiences and variety, a Gemini pairs well with our mangosteen & green coconut fragrance, filled with lively and energetic notes of lemon, orange, sweet sugar, creamy coconut, and marine accords.

Matte Canary Aura
Mangosteen Fragrance

cancer candle

June 22 - July 22

Design your Cancer candle using our iridescent white aura candle vessel & starfruit sorbet & palm leaves fragrance oil.

Cancers are highly imaginative, strong, sympathetic, and emotional individuals. They care deeply about their family and find it easy to empathize with others.

Cancers have a tendency to lead with their heart and are ruled by the phases of the lunar cycle, which deepens their internal mysteries and imagination, resonating with the Iridescent white aura and its whimsical effect.

As a bold water sign, it’s only right a Cancer is paired with a fragrance that balances juicy, sensory notes like apricot, bergamot, lush palm leaves, coconut, and sea salt.

Iridescent white aura
Starfruit Sorbet Fragrance

leo candle

July 23 - August 22

Design your Leo candle using our lustrous gold aura candle vessel & rare rosewood & amber resin fragrance oil.

Leos are a fire sign, represented well by colors like orange, yellow, and gold. Our lustrous gold aura captures the boldness of a Leo, exuding confidence, creativity, and eye-catching features.

Leos are generous, loyal, and tend to have a playful sense of humor, which makes working alongside a Leo easy and fun. As a dominant sign, it’s only right to pair a Leo with a fragrance that incites confidence and strength like rare rosewood & amber resin, filled with rich, initiative notes of tea rose, citrus zest, vetiver root, and amber resin.

Lustrous Gold Aura
Rare Rosewood Fragrance

virgo candle

August 23 - September 22

Design your Virgo candle using our matte cream aura candle vessel & cashmere & vanilla fragrance oil.

Virgos are a practical bunch, loyal to those around them, analytical, and very hardworking. They seek the good in people, pay attention to small details, and make life decisions methodically.

The matte cream aura is a perfect representation of a Virgo’s contemporary, clean approach as they navigate the world around them. As an earth sign with a need for order and clear-cut boundaries, a fragrance pairing that smells just like its name is fitting for a Virgo, cashmere & vanilla - blending just the right amount of warmth and sweetness with sheer vanilla, bergamot, amber, and sandalwood.

Matte Cream Aura
Cashmere + Vanilla Fragrance


libra candle

September 23 - October 23

Design your Libra candle using our matte flamingo aura candle vessel & star jasmine & santal fragrance oil.

A libra is all about balance, keeping the peace, and being fair. Libras are very cooperative, gracious, and represented by the color pink, which makes the matte flamingo aura a perfect match for their keen minds.

As an air sign, they have very strong intellect and are constantly inspired by stories, music, art, and traveling to new places. With a focus on maintaining symmetry in a Libra’s life, a fragrance that balances bright and clean notes of bergamot, citrus, amber, and lavender is a well-rounded blend for a Libra.

Matte Flamingo Aura
Star Jasmine + Santal Fragrance


scorpio candle

October 24 - November 21

Design your Scorpio candle using our matte wine aura candle vessel & goji berry & hemp fragrance oil.

Scorpios are filled with passion, displaying an unmatched level of focus and determination when it comes to working toward their goals. If a Scorpio wants to know more about an interest, they will dig and research to satisfy their need for knowledge.

As resourceful, brave, and assertive individuals, a Scorpio is represented by shades of red, which makes the matte wine aura an ideal match. Scorpios can come off as mysterious with a calm and collected appeal, making a hemp-inspired fragrance filled with cool pear nectar, dark red goji berries, charred hemp leaves, and vetiver very complementary to their peculiar energy.

Matte Wine Aura
Goji Berry + Hemp Fragrance

sagittarius candle

November 22 - December 21

Design your Sagittarius candle using our iridescent slate aura candle vessel & ginger coconut & amber fragrance oil.

A Sagittarius is known for their generosity, their love of traveling and the outdoors, and for having a great sense of humor. They’re represented by the color blue and because of their high levels of enthusiasm and optimism, a whimsical iridescent blue vessel matches their aura perfectly.

Being a fire sign makes a Sagittarius a seeker of ways to express their creativity while being honest about their intentions, with a lot more straightforwardness than others may be used to. As an individual filled with curiosity and need for exploration, their adventurous spirit pairs well with a scent reminiscent of a sunny island paradise after a rainstorm, filled with notes of ginger, lime, coconut, musk, and amber.

Iridescent Slate Aura
Ginger Coconut + Amber Fragrance


We hope these pairings were fun to read and have inspired you to do your own making and pairing! Looking for more candle making inspiration? Check out our blog on how to make a crystal candle.

Happy candle making!

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