Why You Shouldn't Reuse Old Candle Wax

While reusing old candle wax may sound like a good idea... We wouldn't recommend it. In this video learn why you should never reuse old wax and why repurposing that little bit of wax from your favorite candle can be a little tricky.

Recycling old wax is not recommended. One reason for this is the fact that no stability testing has been performed on the wax to know whether or not it will actually work properly. Using volatile materials is dangerous.

You must make sure that using the wax with new fragrance oils, dyes, etc. will not cause any issues and result in any consequences. This is usually hard to tell, however, in old wax. 

Varied mix and pour temperatures also make it very difficult to ensure that any or all of the waxes will bind properly to the fragrance. You may have a great fragrance load but if it is not able to bind properly to the wax, you won't be able to smell any of it.

Another reason to not reuse your wax is because you will not know the melting point of the wax or the viscosity, posing it challenging to find the right size wick for the wax blend. 

Finally, you run the risk of general inconsistency throughout the life of the candle. 

Instead of reusing old wax, we recommend cleaning your old containers and making them into new candles or other DIY projects!!

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