Candle Business 101: Where Should I Sell My Candles?

If you've started making candles and you feel like you've got a product thats safe and ready to sell, you might be asking yourself where should I sell them? There are plenty of different avenues you can use to sell your candles and reach customers. 

1) Friends and family- Reach out to everyone you know! You never know who would want to support your business, and a few of your first customers might end up being people you already know. 

2) Try a third party platform like Etsy or Amazon- marketplaces that are already established online allow you to gain new customers using the marketing the site already does so take advantage of it!

3) Farmers markets and trade shows- meeting people in person is always a great way to get feedback as well as make long-lasting customer relationships. Look into local farmers markets in the area as well as trade shows. Trade shows are a great first step into getting into retail and wholesale. 

4) Create your own website- having your own website builds credibility and also gives you a space to sell your products without competitors like on Etsy. This is definitely going to take the most amount of time but it is super worth it especially if you want to sell your candles long-term!

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