What in the world is a Crackling Booster Wick you ask?  The Crackling Booster Wick is part of our Adhered Wick collection. Adhered Wicks are created when attaching two or more wicks together with a thin layer of non-toxic adhesive, making a single layered wick.  

In the case of The Crackling Booster Wick, a .020 (thickness) wick that is 3/16” in width is adhered vertically down the center length of a Crackling Wick.  The Crackling Wick can be .020, .030 or .040 in thickness and comes in all standard widths.   


So why use an Crackling Booster Wick? Great Question! Depending on your wax blend, fragrance, and dye load, as well as the diameter of your candle, sometimes a Single-Ply Wickis just not enough wick material for a proper burn.  Vegetable waxes (such as soy) and beeswax work well with a Crackling Booster Wick. There is also the option of creating your own “Booster Wick” by putting two wicks together in the same wick clip.  

Be sure to watch our video How to Combine Wicks as well as read our blog post How to Combine Wicks. Ready to get started?  Order your sample kit today! Be sure to watch our videos HOW TO USE A WICK CLIPand HOW TO SET UP WOODEN WICKS and don’t forget to order a Sample Kit today!

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