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Trends Heating Up & Fizzling Out In March

The theme of this month's trend report is re-engerize and restore. As spring arrives, we're seeing cravings for mood boosting colors and wellness products that support sleep. 

Here's what's getting lit and burning out...

getting lit

mango body scrub


Sorbet shades and flavors like mango and lime are popping up everywhere from home decor to beauty products. Whether it's a mango body scrub or a chic citron sandal, consumers want a dopamine boost with brights. Also noteworthy: lilac and lemon.





transluscent cloche


Anyone with eyes on the red carpets as of late has probably noticed the rise in all things sheer. Take this fashion trend into your candle collection with our allure vessels or a translucent cloche





pillow spray


Sleep wellness is booming as consumers explore natural products that lead to more zzzs. Think sleep sprays and diffusers containing fragrance and essential oils that ease stress and anxiety. Create a product like Osea's Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist with our sleep collection.





burning out

recylcable packaging


Finally...single use plastics are phasing out as sustainable packaging becomes more affordable and more prevalent. Need options? Our PET plastic bottles are all 100% recyclable and our frosted bags are made from 100% reusable materials! 






Having one source of income is losing its appeal as people realize the rewards that come with having a side hustle. Pursuing your passion and generating extra cash are just the beginning! 






allure vessels


Gemstones are losing ground because botanicals are booming. Consumers want to bring nature inside. Get creative with our allure vessels, they were made for displaying beautiful blooms.


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