Holiday Fragrance And Cocktail Pairings To Lift Your Spirits

Seeking inspiration for your holiday candle collection? Look no further! In this video, Mel shares some of our favorite holiday fragrances, inspired by cocktails. These sweet fragrances pair perfectly with a cocktail for a collection or event that is sure to lift anyone's spirits. Find the perfect drinks and fragrances for your next collection or at least your next cocktail party ;)

The first drink is a Cinnamon Stick Hot Toddy. This is inspired by the Spiked Toddy and Ginger Crystals Fragrance. It is a little sweet and a little spicy, and orange and ginger notes take the lead.

Second: The Crème Brûlée Martini. This cocktail is inspired by the Ambrette Liquor and Brulee Glaze Fragrance, which is sweet and creamy with notes of caramel and vanilla. 

Third: Pralines and Cream. This is inspired by our Pecan Martini & Muscovado Sugar Fragrance. It is sweet and nutty with notes of amaretto and vanilla. 

Fourth: Cacao Old-Fashioned. This is inspired by Smoked Cognac & Chocolate Bitters with notes of whiskey and cacao. 

Final cocktail: White Chocolate Martini. This is inspired by our Creme de Cacao & Vanilla Vermouth Fragrance, which has notes of cacao and vanilla. 

Now that you have your matching fragrance and cocktail pairings, you're ready for a festive holiday event or booze-inspired collection full of this season's scent notes!

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