Using Essential Oils & Natural Fragrances In Skin & Hair Care

Using Essential Oils & Natural Fragrances In Skin & Hair Care

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Forget the fake stuff… all natural is where it’s at!

If you’re scoping out our incredible collection of skin care & hair care supplies (hellooo satin touch day cream base), then you’re probably interested in making your own beauty products, and why shouldn’t you be!

There’s so much opportunity to scale your biz with these kinds of products!

Making skin & hair care is a unique category and process because you’re creating formulas that go on your skin and hair, which are prettyyyy delicate areas.

This means you have to be extra conscious about the ingredients you’re using as you work on perfecting your safe formulas.


why shoud you use essential oils & natural fragrances? 

Finding clean, gentle ingredients has never been easier in our collection of skin & hair care supplies, and so is nailing down the natural fragrances and essential oils that you can drop into your beauty blends!

But why is it important to use certain essential oils and natural fragrances in skin & hair care? Let’s make it make scents ;).

“According to a survey done by Harris Poll, 6 in 10 women are taking time to study product labels in order to identify organic and healthy ingredients.

milky suntan fragrance

Seventy-three percent of respondents who were from the Western U.S. also reported that they place importance on natural products, with the Midwest region of the country showing the least interest at 56 percent (Clean Beauty Gals). 

Whooaaa… 6 in 10!? That means more eyes are on your labels than you might think! Let’s take a look at the difference between fragrance and essential oils so you can understand them better as you get to pourin’ and mixin’ for your clean beauty brand….

Fragrance oils can, and most oftenly do, consist of a variety of elements that range from essential oils to synthetic blends, and many marketed products like perfumes contain more than 100 different elements. That’s a wholeeee lotta blending in one bottle!

When this is the case, individuals with sensitive skin aren’t really aware of all the ingredients that make up these perfumes because there’s no real requirement to list every single compound, and many of these kinds of compounds are common skin irritants (ahhh, not the best news).

However, when quality synthetic fragrances are used, most of them do contain a pinch of organic materials to provide more natural scents – this helps them become more useful in products used on the skin.

But when actual organic materials like essential oils are used, there tends to only be a teeny tiny amount because of how expensive they are. This is because the process of creating essential oils is quite particular in order for all the good stuff to make its way into the bottle.

essential oil

what you need to know about essential oils

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty about essential oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated and extracted from earth’s incredible elements like plants, flowers, leaves, twigs, resin, seeds, roots, fruits, and bark.

When they’re extracted by distillation with either water, steam, or mechanical processing, they will produce the absolute most pure essential oils.

As these processes can take lots of time and require special care and attention, they become very expensive, especially because when they are used in skin or hair care, they must also be diluted with carrier oils (like sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, etc.) to make them safe for those kinds of formulas (fragrance oils versus essential oils).

You can rest assured knowing our essential oils are diluted properly so you can make all the skin & hair care your creative heart desires!


fragrance matters

As you’re putting together your new skin & hair care formulas, keep in mind that the type of fragrance you’re using matters soooo much (and ours here are perf for ya)! You want to trust your fragrance supplier and well, we’re all about gaining and earning your trust with our quality fragrance & essential oils.

The goal is to create safe and gentle products that effectively work on skin and hair, and since you’re quite the smarty pants – obv if you shop at makesy ;) – then you’re well on your way to making the best, natural kinds of beauty care!

Not sure where to start on your skin & hair care journey? Watch this video for a few not-so-basic skin & hair care basics.

Happy making!

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