The Biggest Innovation In Candle Making, The Ultimate Wood Wick

The Biggest Innovation In Candle Making, The Ultimate Wood Wick

For the last two years, we have tirelessly tested wood wicks in pursuit of a better product for our candle makers. Our goal was to address the demand for an even cleaner burning, more consistently performing wick at a reduced price point. 

After countless variations, we finally deemed one wood wick superior to all others. Drumroll please...introducing the ultimate wood wick!

The ultimate wood wick checks every box and is suitable to use with most wax types and vessel diameters. It's the most consistent performing wood wick to ever hit the market! 

Queue the candle maker happy dance!

ultimate wood wick

what is the ultimate wood wick? 

The ultimate wood wick is a newly developed wood wick by makesy that you're going to love making candles with.

The flat crackling wick has a channel engraved down the center of the wick which helps direct the flow of fuel and make it burn more consistently.


what makes it so special?

The exclusive patented technology is 26% more consistent in average flame height and reduces fuel consumption by 33%.

The result is increased burn time and 75% less visible soot when compared to our crackling booster wood wick. 

The best part is that, due to improvements in manufacturing processes, the cost of the ultimate wood wick is 11% less than the comparable crackling booster! That means more money in your bank account and reinvested back into your biz.

The ultimate wood wick is also made from FSC-certified wood, a trusted checkpoint that verifies its sustainably sourced.


key benefits

  • Exclusive patented technology
  • 26% more consistent in average flame height
  • Reduced cost compared to booster wicks
  • 75% average reduction in visible soot compared to a booster wick
  • 35% average reduction in afterglow soot compared to a booster wick
  • 33% average reduction in consumption (g/hr) resulting in increased burn time
  • Ability to use one wick size across a wide variety of wax types & fragrance combinations 
  • New automated manufacturing process resulting in:
  • 100% accuracy in width & length
  • Elimination of sawdust
  • Flat packing in shipping to lower your freight costs & make it easier to store & track inventory
ultimate wood wick for candle making

how is it different from booster wicks?

While our booster wicks work well, the flame has to overcome the natural patterns within the wood.

Our new ultimate wood wicks are designed with a channel down the middle which improves the burn performance of the wick despite the naturally occurring patterns in the wood. 


how we tested it

Our vigorous testing was completed by a third-party verified by CDAS labs with fully automated and state of the art equipment. 

We tested the ultimate wood wick side by side against cotton wicks, single-ply wood wicks, and booster wood wicks. The ultimate wood wick was 26% more consistent in flame height and had a 75% reduction in visible soot compared to our booster wick.


ultimate wood wick mini kit

should you switch to the ultimate wood wick?

If you're currently using a crackling booster wick, you'll see improved candle performance by switching to the ultimate wood wick. To determine which ultimate wood wick will pair best with your candle vessels and wax type, use our wick selection guide.

Try one of our ultimate wood wick mini kits, available in .02, .03, and .04. Each mini kit comes with five wicks in four different widths (20 total) plus wick clips. 

Tag us on social with #makesymade when you start making candles with the ultimate wood wick. We love to showcase your unique creations!

Happy making!

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