The Best Selling Fragrance Oils of 2023

The Best Selling Fragrance Oils of 2023

When making handmade candles, soaps, wax melts, or bath and body products, selecting a fragrance oil is a pivotal element in your creation. While you may have a few well-trusted favorites, there's always room for venturing into new aromatic possibilities!

We've compiled a list of our top-selling fragrance oils of 2023. Take a moment to peruse the list below and discover the scents that captured the hearts of our makers this past year.

These fragrances not only excel as candle aromas but also enhance a wide array of home fragrance products, bath and body items, skincare, haircare, and more.

In the realm of candle making, the spectrum of fragrance preferences is vast. Embrace this diversity and delve into fragrance oils spanning various categories, from musky to floral, and citrusy to gourmand.

Wondering the best way to try them all? Build your own fragrance discovery kit and get ten 10ml sample sizes to test each one. 

Without further delay, here are the 2023 best-sellers!


dark rose & labdanum fragrance oil

For years, dark rose & labdanum has been one of our most-loved fragrance oils. It's deep, sultry, and complex with notes of pink peppercorn, decadent plum, and black rose. It smells high end and luxurious making it wonderful in candles, soap and body care products. Highly recommend trying this one even if you don't typically love rose fragrances. This one will surprise you!


natural palo santo & sage fragrance oil

Bring an earthy aroma to your products with natural palo santo & sage. This 100% natural fragrance has cleansing and grounding properties and features palo santo, sage, cedarwood, and clove. One maker wrote that it "has a fresh and calming effect, is a bit on the sweet and fresh side but at the same time you feel the resinous effect from the palo santo tree." We couldn't agree more!


juniper fir & balsam spruce fragrance oil

There's no better way to describe juniper fir & balsam spruce than a fresh breath of mountain air. With notes of eucalyptus, lemon peel, musky pine wood and sweet apple, it's the perfect fragrance oil for Christmas tree scented candles, diffusers, soaps, and wax melts.


saffron & tobacco fragrance oil

Saffron & tobacco is another one that consistently ranks at the top of our best sellers list. Described as exotic and mysterious, it has a heart of purple peonies, orchid, and tobacco. Base notes include vanilla, tonka bean, and almond milk with top notes of saffron and white tea. Maker's rave about it's superior hot throw.


cashmere & vanilla fragrance oil

It wouldn't be a best sellers list with a stunning and sophisticated vanilla fragrance and for us, cashmere & vanilla is it! Sexy, warm, and elevated by woody cashmere and sweet amber, you'll want to soak up this scent all day long.


natural creamy vanilla & coconut sugar fragrance oil

Looking for something sweet but subtle? Look no further than natural creamy vanilla & coconut sugar. Candle makers praise both it's cold and hot throw and describe it as the perfect birthday cake fragrance oil. It's also especially wonderful in body butter!


santal & black cardamom fragrance oil

Sexy, spice santal & black cardamom is luxurious in every way. Sandalwood takes center stage in this fragrance complimented by musk and spicy cardamom. One maker called it "the perfect unisex fragrance, slightly woody, slightly sweet."


calabrian lemon & lilac leaves fragrance oil

There a lot to love about calabrian lemon & lilac leaves. This fragrance is an emoti blend, meaning it combines fragrance and essential oils to boost feelings of wellness. We describe it as clean and zesty with green and herbal notes. It contains essential oils of eucalyptus globulus leaf and soybean. 


white sandalwood & smoke fragrance oil

White sandalwood & smoke is also an emoti fragrance that enhances mood, energy, and an overall sense of well-being. With notes of campfire smoke, leather, vanilla and amber, it is woodsy and wonderful in all kinds of products from candles and diffusers to perfumes. Makers describe it as perfectly balanced with excellent hot and cold throw.


maple chai & sweet cream fragrance oil

Get ready for feelings of nostalgia when you smell maple chai & sweet cream. This sweet and warm scent features maple, grated ginger, vanilla, nutmeg, and orange zest. You'll be transported back to moments of warm pastries baking in the oven and you'll never want it to go away!

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