Summer Trends: Reporting For (Juicy) Duty

Summer Trends: Reporting For (Juicy) Duty


Summertiiiime trends that are haute and hottttt! 

Summer’s here, Makers! Let’s get soaked in the sun and inspired by trends that this fun, HOTTT, exciting time of year brings!

Here’s how we’re describing the vibe of the hottest Maker trends this summer season:

  • Simple + Serene
  • Purposeful + Intentional
  • Mindful + Sustainable
  • Timeless + Transparent
  • Colorful + Perception Shifting

As we get ready to make new, vibrant creations this summer, let’s dive into the hottest trends to elevate your Maker’s perspective and give you some fresh ideas for your candle making business!


As the weather temp rises, so does the level of giving back!

Corporate responsibility and social consciousness have become an influence in the way consumers purchase and interact with brands, and we’re seeing this in action as people are spending money based on their beliefs and emotions. There are many initiatives being taken nowadays within the realm of making, and companies are delving into sustainability and offering products that provide incredible opportunities for others in need!

Brands are THRIVING as they make products that are intentional and purposeful, and what’s not to love about a vision like that?

An example of a company using their power for good is Dove - they launched a “Real Beauty” campaign to acknowledge health care workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic on the frontlines.

Sustainability and giving back is also part of our vision at makesy because we believe in making and leaving the world a better place - that’s why we’ve created a new categorization within our products called Made.Better™.

We believe the things we create should be made safe for your health, safe for your customers, and safe for our planet. Our Made.Better™ initiative sets a new standard of clean products so that you can rest easy knowing that you are creating with the best non-toxic and cruelty-free materials that the industry has to offer.

We’re SO glad you’ve crossed our path on this uplifting and ethical journey! Read more about Made.Better™ here.


Being resourceful and eco-conscious is lookin’ reeeaalll good this summer!

You can just tell when a product is made with high quality, sustainable ingredients… you know, like when you get a shipment from makesy... *wink*

Using mica, reused textiles, and minimal packaging are just a few key players you can use while making to help the planet stay clean without losing quality in your products. 

Mica is a biodegradable, ethically sourced option to add fun pigments to your creations - if you love playing with colors, you’ll fall in love making with mica

Rose petals are another fun, planet friendly material to use while making. Not only do they offer magical beauty benefits like soothing and moisturizing skin, but they’re also safe to use when creating products like soaps and sprays. 

Our new collection of hemp products are also climbing their way up the trendsetting charts. Hemp consists of all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients and offers therapeutic qualities that we just can’t get enough of! Check out The makesy’s Indica Kush + Violet Resin fragrance and our glorious Hemp Soy Wax… they’re pretty popular in the current Maker’s world.

Reusing textiles, aka UPCYCLING, is a way we see fashion makers creating sustainable and eco-conscious products. An example of this comes from the brand Patagonia - they created their ‘Worn Wear’ line, which is made with recycled garments.

Brands have also started selling their products with LESS packaging, such as TruEarth, who offers Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips in smaller-than-average pouches. Inoko, an Australian company, is another positive influence as they market simple and sweet refillable candles.

Innovation in the eco-conscious industry has been taken up a notch across the globe and we’re excited to see Makers join in on this earth-saving goodness!


*Gets a confirmation email for a hotel reservation* OH. HECK. YES!

Daydreaming of our next big trip has been top of mind for many of us this past year. Our desire to travel has boosted and a lot of that has to do with being a generation that is infinitely curious and plugged in to the possibilities of adventure. It’s not always about the factor of escaping when traveling, but about the process of discovery that travel allows.

There are various platforms and tools to book a trip that have you saying byeeee for a few days. As people start planning trips, they’re looking for ways to travel smarter, healthier, and in places that promote connection to our surroundings. 

As this past year forced us to stay in place longer than we like, we still got creative and found ways to discover new places with virtual tours of museums and zoos, and VR headsets that make us feel like we’re there.

Travel inspires creators to make based on influences and moods from all over the world - fashion, décor, food, and our personal favorites… fragrances, concepts, and ingredients for candles and home and body care.   

DS & Durga gives a nice nod to creativity inspired by culture with their Jasmine Yucatan fragrance, inspired by Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. Many of our products at makesy also inspire us to create based on diverse cultures and travel destinations around the world:

Check out the way a smokey cuban night inspired us to turn this popular flavor into a sophisticated scent.

The Banana Nectar + Tahitian Gardenia summer fragrance is reminiscent of exotic Tahitian islands where travelers seek a remote environment to reconnect with the earth and loved ones. This fragrance is eager to make a candle smell like a yummy, tropical escape! 

Pair our Iridescent Flamingo Aura vessel with Activated Charcoal Powder and Obsidian Mini Chips to create an eye-catching, Hawaiian, volcanic summer vibe that shields against negativity. This would look SO HOT!

Travel has a way of shifting our outlook on the world and inspiring creators like you to make. Now pick a place and make it come to life with some fresh, fun, scents! May we recommend one with notes of coconut?


Imagine this: you and your closest friends are about to walk into a hotel lobby to check-in for the vacation you’ve been planning for months, maybe even years… the doors open and a wave of a luxurious, summer scent crashes over you - mmmm… this is the life. You inhale and breathe in the exhilarating place you’ve been dreaming of for so long. We finally made it!

Fragrance elevates experience and triggers our senses in ways that evoke emotion - calming, uplifting, soothing, and exciting are all ways you can describe a scent. So many delicious, fresh fragrances have made their way to the list of trendy scents this summer and we are SO pumped to share them with you!

From juicy, fruity, feminine floral goodness to wild herbs and mistful, salty seas, these are some of the fragrance combos we foresee filling the air during the hottest season of the year:

  • Dragonfruit + Passionflower
  • Damask Rose + Lychee
  • Coastal Mist + Sea Coral
  • Citron + Chamomile
  • Coastal Cypress + Juniper

Here at makesy, we love creating scents that make you say, “Oooohh,” and, “Mmmmm,” so we’ve made some of our own juicy summer magic with these freshly squeezed new summer fragrances:

Keep up with the hottest scents of the summer, Maker!


Color does wonders when it comes to creating!

The addition of a colorant to any project is a surefire way to heighten the experience of making. Color is fun, meaningful, and triggers feel-good emotions. As you get making this summer, here are some of the hot, dynamic colors that will elevate your craft:

Pastels add a fresh, timeless touch to a festive home. Our Blush Metal Tin would pair perfectly with a fun new summer candle scented with one of these juicy and fruity fragrances. Try adding a hint of the Canary Eco Dye for even more fresh summer fun!

Lilac + Peach provide a youthful energy in the space you’re in. Try making a fun, peachy-pink soap with our Watermelon Powder, which has a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Metallic colors are known to offer elegance with a sense of celebration where there is neutral and simple design. Check out the Iridescent Slate Aura vessel and try making a unique, whimsical summer candle that will def become the life of the party.

We LOVE the trends of color this season so we took a deep dive into our Makers palette and created new vessels that are sure to make heads turn. Check ‘em out here:

  • IRIDESCENT FLAMINGO AURA - Bright + magical iridescent pink glass.
  • IRIDESCENT PRISM AURA - Luminous + light clear iridescent glass.
  • IRIDESCENT CLOUD AURA - Fresh + playful iridescent soft blue glass.
  • IRIDESCENT BLUSH AURA - Chic + sweet iridescent blush glass.
  • MATTE CLOUD AURA - Soft + ethereal matte baby blue glass.
  • MATTE PEACH AURA - Rich + tropical matte coral glass.
  • MATTE CANARY AURA - Brilliant + sunny matte yellow glass.
  • MATTE PERSIMMON AURA - Juicy + fun matte orange glass.
  • MATTE FLAMINGO AURA - Playful + bright matte pink glass.
  • MATTE LILAC AURA - Cute + classic lavender glass.
  • MATTE NAVY AURA - Crisp + cool matte navy blue glass.

  • Don’t miss out on these fun and exciting vibrant vessels as you get making this summer season!

    We’re rooting for you as you discover your next trendy, making adventure… stay creative and intentional as you keep up with the hottest scents and colors of the summer, Maker! 

    You got this!

    Don’t forget to share your gorgeous creations with us for a chance to be featured at @makesy!

    We hope these inspire your creativity and keep your summer sizzling hot with the latest trends! 

    Xo, WW 

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