Summer Trends For 2022

Summer Trends For 2022

Fragrance Rosewater + HibiscusA summer day will always have us feelin’ a-okay! As a business owner (that’s you) it’s super duper important to stay ahead of the times & trends.

Whether it’s color trends, fragrance trends, or just ~trendy vibes~ the summer 2022 trends forecast is callin’ for fun. in. the. sun.

Ready to answer that call? We thought so. Let’s take a sneaky peek at the hottest trends for summer 2022:


fun & functional

Summer 2022 is all about function. Customers are becoming wayyy more mindful of what they’re putting on & in their bodies and in their homes.

Can ya blame ‘em? With so much ick out in the world, it’s high time we all focused on the cleaner, healthier and more sustainable - ya feel?

That means healthier ingredients with functional benefits! Yay!

Essential oils and functional fragrance are the perfect way of makin’ your product line more fun-ctional. They are a magical addition to candles, body or skin care products to promote some kind of feelin’.

Catchin’ a vibe doesn’t have to be hard. We got you:

    loud & proud

    Gentle & nuanced is soooo last season. ;) Things are takin’ a 180-degree turn (that’s hot) and gettin’ brighter & bolder.

    Ow owww! Think delicious summer fruits, florals and lush greens with a punchy pop of citrus. Yes please!


    Yuzu Blossoms + Hinoki Fragrance

    say yes to yuzu!

    Summer 2022, meet your new best pal: yuzu!

    This less-known citrus fruit that can be found in countries like Japan, Korea & China is steppin’ into the spotlight with its bright freshness! Mmmm.

    Yuzu’s tart & tangy, and its subtle notes that border on lime, lemon AND grapefruit will have it packin’ a real punch in the fragrance world. Heck ya! 


    hello, hibiscus.

    You’ll be seein’ quite a few floral profiles throughout summer 2022, and hibiscus is one of ‘em!

    Bright & flirty florals like hibiscus and more mainstream scents like rose, lavender, and elderflower have helped broaden the fragrance palette to include much more botanical profiles. Yep, that’s right. Say hey to hibiscus & go get funky with florals, friends!


    Allure Double Glass Vessels

    goin’ crazy for color

    Alexa, play "Let’s Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez!

    Whether you’re addin’ in a seasonal spritz of color on custom labels or poppin’ some pigment into a new line of candles, Pantone Color Institute is playin’ into a boost of brightness for summer ‘22!

    What colors are makin’ their mark for summer?

    • Bright, joyful yellows – think of daffodils or delicious banana smoothies, yum!
    • Stand-out purples with floral inspiration – b-eau-ti-ful.
    • Pops of pinks, both soft & powdery and bright & punchy!
    • Beautiful basil greens that give rise to health & wellness.

    The summer ‘22 ship is sailing & whether your goal is to put the fun in functional or evoke feelings of nostalgia, you can’t go wrong with hoppin’ on this boat.

    Happy makin’ maker!

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