What Can I Make With A 10ml Fragrance Oil?

What Can I Make With A 10ml Fragrance Oil?

Here at the maksey, we offer a delightful little sample size of each of our exclusive fragrances. This fun-sized fragrance experience was originally intended for one purpose and one purpose only - to help you choose which fragrances suit you best!

As you’ll find in our fragrance discovery kits, each fragrance has its own unique signature blend of scent notes. 

In order to truly experience the complexity and beauty of each fragrance and choose which you’d like to pursue in your product line, these little scentsational droppers come with a package of fragrance testing strips for evaluating each fragrance. To learn how to evaluate your fragrances, check out our blog post evaluating fragrance notes.

Although we’d created 10ml sizes with fragrance evaluation in mind, we’ve found that there are a wide variety of amazing uses for these tiny fragrance vials.

So whether you have a large collection of samples you’d like to do something with or you’re just looking to make a test candle without breaking the bank, here’s how you can put our little 10mls to good use.


make a small candle

We suggest picking up one of our metal tins to make a test candle so you can evaluate the cold throw and hot throw. One 10ml (.33 oz) will give you approximately 7% fragrance load in our 5oz metal tins. This is great if you plan to use 7% FO load in your line or just want to see how a fragrance performs at 7%.


experiment with perfumery

Pick up some fragrance blotter strips from our makers supplies section to evaluate each scent and practice scent blending to create your own bespoke fragrances. You’ll be surprised at the delicious combos you make!


whip up some soap

Pair a 10ml fragrance with one of our luxury one pound blocks of melt and pour soap base. This will give you approximately 2% fragrance load and make you 6-8 soaps!


mix up some scent sachets

Drop the oil onto our ceramic scent beads and stir until absorbed. You can then put your beads in a sachet pouch to add a little fragrance to your sock drawer, car, or bathroom or place the beads in a wax warmer for a powerful scent throw.


make a room & body spray

Our glass 3.4oz spray bottles come in 4 chic colors. Mix one 10ml with our organic + wildcrafted witch hazel spray base for approximately 10% fragrance load.


do some essential oil aromatherapy

Use our 10ml essential oils collection in any aromatherapy applications. Add a couple drops to your bath water, put a dab on your wrist and rub them together to release a scent. Just always make sure to check the skin safe percentage before applying directly to the skin!


cook up some wax tarts

Tarts or melts are a great way to use up scrap wax and make the most of a 10ml fragrance. Use one 10ml per 4-5oz of wax for a 7% FO load.


diffuse your favorite scents

Grab your favorite aura vessel and add a 10ml to our coco vegan reed diffuser base or all natural diffuser base.


make a hand sanitizer

Make your own all natural hand sanitizer with our glass 3.4oz spray bottles. Mix your fragrance or essential oil 10ml with our organic sugarcane alcohol spray base for approximately 10% fragrance load.


have a fragrance party

Round up your friends and family, grab some fragrance blotter strips, and pop a bottle of wine while everyone enjoys sampling your fragrance collection. Have everyone write down what the fragrance reminded them of, what they smelled, and if they liked or disliked it. This is a great way to get consumer feedback before launching a new scent in your line!

You don’t need a lot of fragrance to make an amazing product or achieve a great fragrance throw! 10ml is all you need to make a wide variety of amazing candle, bath, and body care products so grab your old samples and get out the mixing bowls - it’s time to create!

We can’t wait to see what you’ll make with your 10ml fragrances! Have a fun idea that’s not listed here? Shoot us a line or tag us on social @maksey

Happy making!

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