Skin & Hair Care Regulatory Basics & Label Requirements

What do you put on skincare labels? How about haircare? We met up with Matt, our in-house skin and hair care expert to let you know what you should be looking for and providing/not providing on your labels! if you're making any products that go on your skin, hair, face, you need to know what you should have on your labels to be compliant as well as keep your customers safe!

Whether you're trying to start your own brand or small business or are just curious into what makes a good product label, we have got you covered! In this video learn exactly what needs to go on your skin and hair care labels so that you're sellin' success. 

Things to include:

  •  your brand name,
  • product title
  • key callouts on what its supposed to do (anti-oxidant cleanser, moisturizer, etc.)
  • ingredient listing
  • INCI listings
  • manufacturer info (note for small businesses that make products at home: at minimum include your city, state, and ZIP code so a customer can find you if they need to)
  • some traceable lot code that falls back to some kind of internal system so that you can find that specific product if someone gives that code back to you
  • net weight of your product



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