Maker Spotlight: School Scents

Maker Spotlight: School Scents

Tiffany Rose founded her candle business, Schools Scents, for fragrance lovers who desire fashionable, eco-chic products for their home decor. She shares the story behind starting her company, the creative names of her candles, and the moments of success that she'll never forget. 



the start of school scents

"School Scents Candles and Home was established at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as a mother/tween home luxury fragrance company. Our gold standard product line includes soy wax candles and all-natural room sprays.

Our hand poured candles and signature home scents are carefully crafted using the highest quality ingredients that are free from toxins and curated in small batches. Our delightful fragrances are guaranteed to provide beautiful ambient scents that are not only aromatic, but also safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

School Scents’ names were created to spark nostalgia and are centered around fond memories of positive school experiences from elementary through college years. Scents like snooze button, prom queen, study hall, power to the paper and many others to evoke familiar childhood and young adult memories.

Our goal is to rejuvenate your senses and allow you to embrace your joyful youth experiences. Although part of our company is run by tweens, nothing is juvenile about our scents. When you think of School Scents, think of sophisticated, long-lasting scents, created to refresh your palate, and invigorate your senses." 



our first product

"We launched two candle sizes in tins only. A 3.5 oz silver tin and Makesy 5 oz tins in black and white with 8 scents for the debut collection. We started small because we weren’t sure how this would go but three weeks later, we had to add the 12 oz aura vessel and it’s been our staple."


our best sellers

"Our matte black aura vessel in the scent power to the paper and our 48 oz ceramic bowls with crackling woods in the scent snooze button."


defining moments

"Exhibiting at NY NOW Gift Show for Summer 2022. Being featured on many influencers pages because they love the product. Hosting multiple sip and scents candle making series, but the highlight is working with Spotify to host a virtual candle-making experience and the feedback was the best." 


school scents candle business

what’s next:

"We're on the hunt for a retail space."


our top biz tools

  • Quickbooks
  • Shopify
  • Aura Vessels from Makesy
  • My iphone/ipad, I store everything in it!
  • 50 million sticky notes


lessons learned

  • "Take time to reset"
  • "Celebrate the small wins and other people’s WINS"
  • "Keep your eyes focused on what you are doing, not anyone else" 


advice for new entrepreneurs

"Stay consistent. Practice patience. If it’s for you, it will happen. You never know how long or what it took for others success, so concentrate on your own."


school scents candle business

favorite  products


while making, I…. 

  • listen to TV but most times I like it silent. Making is therapeutic for me. Gives me a chance to think. 
  • light our power to the paper scented candle
  • put on an apron sometimes, most times comfortable athleisure 
  • and then always sanitize!

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