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How To Scent Your Space With All Natural DIY Reed Diffusers

There's no easier way to freshen a room than with a high-quality reed diffuser.

By popular demand, we're sharing our quick and easy process for creating your very own luxury reed diffuser!

There are a few important things to look for when choosing your diffuser components. When making reed diffusers, a base is needed to make your fragrance oil viscous and easily wick up your reeds.

When looking at diffuser bases, you want to pay special attention to the VOC (volatile organic compound) content - the lower the % VOC, the better. 

what are vocs?

VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds, are the molecules emitted into the air from a reed diffuser or a room spray. For example in California, the VOC regulations cannot exceed 18% VOC.

That's important to know. So you need to understand the VOC of both your base and your fragrance oil. Because this base has 0% VOC, I most likely don't need to be worried about the VOC of my fragrance oil.

When you use any makesy fragrance oil, you can use up to 40% fragrance oil with our all-natural reed diffuser base.

At makesy we carry the only 100% VOC-free diffuser base on the market today, making our diffuser base truly 100% natural! It’s also paragon free, phthalate free, non-GMO and allergen free. Pair this with one of our natural fragrances and you’re set for making the best reed diffusers money can buy!

what you need to make a reed diffuser

    how to make your own all-natural reed diffuser

    1. First, you’ll want to select your vessel and lid and locate the oz fill. We love our vella collection vessels which have approximately a 7oz total fill and look beautiful with our rattan reeds or our charcoal sticks.
    2. Next, take your digital scale and pitcher and tare your pitcher to zero. You will be using this to measure your fragrance oil and base.
    3. You will be using 20 to 25% fragrance oil to base. To find out the appropriate amount of ounces to use, you can reference our fragrance percentage chart at any time.
    4. When making a diffuser, you will want to only fill your vessel approximately 50%. So for example, if you are using our vella vessels, you will want to only fill your vessel with 3.5 ounces of total liquid. To find your appropriate amount of base, multiply your fragrance percentage by your total ounce fill and subtract that number.
    5. Once you’ve figured out how many ounces of fragrance to use at 25% fragrance load for 3.5 oz of total liquid, you’re ready to mix your fragrance and base.
    6. First, measure the appropriate amount of base into your pitcher, then pour your fragrance in until you reach a total of 3.5 oz. Stir for one to two minutes until fully combined.
    7. Once the mixture has been combined, pour directly into your vessel and add your lid. Then you’re ready to add your reeds!
    8. Finally, place your reeds into your diffuser and you’re all set! We recommend using 10-20 reeds per diffuser, however you can use as many as you’d like! 

    And just like that you have your very own DIY reed diffusers! Get creative with a variety of vessel colors and get scentsational with your favorite fragrances!

    We love sharing your creations! Don’t forget to share your creations and tag @makesy on Instagram or Facebook for the chance to be featured!

    For more expert tips on refreshing your space, check out this article on Creating a Relaxing Retreat at Home.

    Happy making!

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