Recipe: Winter Spruce Soy Candles

Recipe: Winter Spruce Soy Candles

It's time to spruce things up like never before with juniper fir & balsam spruce winter candles. These 11oz pure soy candles will turn any space into a magical winter wonderland. They're destined to be a holiday best seller!

Breathe in the aroma of fresh mountain air when you light these. You'll smell notes of eucalyptus, lemon, pine, and apple. In this recipe, we use our gold-rimmed allure candle vessels which include just the right amount of glam to feel festive.


winter spruce soy blend candle recipe

Makes (12) 11oz scented soy candles






Step 1

Remove the juniper sprigs from the packaging. Then, carefully turn your candle vessels upside down on the counter so that the bottom opening between the inner and outer glass walls is facing up. Next, cut or break off the sizes of juniper springs you wish to use. With the wooden craft stick, you can push and place the sprigs into the location you desire.

Tip: The amount of juniper sprigs used to decorate is totally up to you. You can use as little or as much as you want depending on your preference. Any extra springs can be used to decorate around the exterior, base of the candle if you are making a centerpiece.

diy christmas tree scented candle
diy christmas tree scented candle

Important safety tip: Dried botanicals inside candles are a fire hazard. The juniper springs are not meant to be placed in the main compartment of your candle or on top of the wax. You should only place in between the 2 layers of glass, away from the wick and flame.

Step 2

Turn your decorated vessels right side up on the counter. Gather your wick clips, wick stickers, and ultimate wood wicks. Place each wick into a wick clip by gently rocking the wick back and forth until it is fully secured in the clip. Then, place your wick stickers onto the bottom of your wick clips.

Next, remove the second side of adhesive from your wick sticker and place the assembled wick into the bottom, center of each of your candle vessels.

Note: Besides being environmentally friendly and FSC certified, our wooden wicks produce a tantalizing crackling sound when burning, giving your space a cozy ambiance.

diy christmas tree scented candle

diy christmas tree scented candle

Step 3

Melt the wax until it has fully liquified. You can melt your wax in a microwave, double boiler, or a wax melter. If using a microwave, do not use your pouring pitcher. Melt the wax first in a microwafe safe bowl, then transfer to your pouring pitcher.

This candle wax is a 100% natural, plant-based soy wax. Not only is this wax skin-safe, but it also is clean burning, and biodegradable. Use caution when handling your wax. 

diy christmas tree scented candle

Step 4

Pour your bottle of fragrance oil directly into your pouring pitcher and use the bamboo mixing spoon to stir the fragrance in for 2 to 3 minutes. Mixing the fragrance for 2-3 minutes is important because it allows the molecules to properly bond to the wax for maximum fragrance throw when you are burning your candle.

diy christmas tree scented candle

Step 5

After stirring, carefully, pour your wax and fragrance mixture into the candle vessels.

diy christmas tree scented candle

Step 6

Let your candles fully set on a flat surface for at least 24 hours.

Step 7

Add your finishing touches! Once your candles are fully set, apply the provided candle labels to the bottom of your candles. If you are giving as gifts, place each candle in a gift box.

Step 8

Sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful new winter soy candles!

diy christmas tree scented candle


directions for use

Light your candles and enjoy for 4 hours max. Before relighting your candle, make sure the wax has set (solidified) and carefully trim the black carbon off of your wick for best performance. Never leave the candle unattended. Never leave children or pets alone in a room with a lit-up candle.

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