Recipe: Botanical Bond Hair Repair Natural Conditioner

Recipe: Botanical Bond Hair Repair Natural Conditioner

It's time to up your hair care game with our new botanical bond hair repair extract! This revolutionary hair care ingredient can be added to shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair serums & more! 

The benefits you might ask? This extract can help reduce static & dry friction, protect from breakage and even decrease inorganic salt content left from hair dyes. We're knot kidding, these benefits are shear brilliance-- puns intended. 

Plus, it's biodegradable, non-toxic and suitable for any hair type! Ready to say goodbye to breakage? Follow this easy & quick natural conditioner recipe whipped up by our lab experts. 



Makes (1) 200ml hair conditioner

Time: approx. 20 mins 



Supplies & tools:



  1. Clean your workspace. 
  2. Add 187.5ml of the all natural botanical conditioner base to the glass pouring pitcher.
  3. Add 10ml of the botanical bond hair repair extract to the pouring pitcher to combine with the base. We recommend using a pipette to measure.
  4. Mix the base and the extract for 1 minute with the glass stir stick.
  5. Next, using a clean pipette, add 0.1ml of the snow mushroom liquid extract to the mixture.
  6. If you'd like to give your conditioner a scent, we added 1.5ml of our cherry blossom & summer breeze fragrance oil with a pipette to the mixture.
  7. Mix all 3 together for approximately 3 minutes with a glass stir stick.
  8. Transfer the conditioner mixture to the glass pump bottle or container of your choosing & it's ready to use! 


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