Maker Spotlight: Vibes Candles

Maker Spotlight: Vibes Candles

We are so excited to have Alexis Dascoli (aka Lex) from Vibes Candles as our Next Top Maker 2021! 

We received an incredible amount of inspirational stories and submissions this year. We even extended the deadline because we couldn’t get enough of them!

Deciding on one winner is never easy, but Lex proved that she is ready for the next level as our Next Top Maker. We can’t wait to watch her journey unfold and how all her good “vibes” elevate her business.

We caught up with Lex to see what it was like to enter NTM and what she has lined up for the upcoming season at Vibes Candles.


what was it like to enter?

I honestly wasn’t going to even enter NTM because I didn’t think I had enough time.

Because I am a perfectionist, I thought I needed it to be fancy and professionally put together, but when I viewed other videos and stories I said to myself, “Lex DO IT. What do you have to lose? Let the world know why you deserve to be crowned NTM. You are ready!”

That day I just felt like I needed to sit down and tell my story, too. I felt like my mom was pushing me to do it. I just had this feeling I had to go for it.  

I grabbed my tripod, my camera, and literally just started talking about my passion - how I’m the creator of Vibes Candles and everything else in between.

I wanted everyone to see and feel my passion and everyday love for Vibes Candles. It’s always nice to also get your story out there because I KNOW there are so many others who can relate and I thought this might help someone get out of their darkness.

When I was filming my entry video, I also realized it was my niece's 5th Birthday... tell me that wasn’t a sign!

Check out our NTM Winner Video Announcement to see why Lex’s niece’s birthday is a significant part of her story.


what advice do you have for makers?

The advice I would give to makers is to find YOUR vibe, be authentic, and be patient. It is so important to be YOU. Don’t try to be someone else (or another business).

When you are authentic and real, people will notice that and they will love you to death for being YOU and your true self. We all know the testing phases of being a Maker and all that it entails to be a business owner.

If you are truly passionate about what you are creating and things don’t work out at first, BE PATIENT, stay positive, and keep it moving.

A few quotes my mom always used to say and will forever stick with me are, “Stay positive and positive will come,” “Keep reaching for the stars,”and, “Keep it moving.”


what are you working on now?

I am working on a few things actually:
My new 11 oz Crystal Candles - the containers are currently being custom made and will be done in a month or two. I already designed my packaging for them, they are actually on the boat right now and will be in my hands soon so that I can launch just in time for Fall.

I am also working on a new Candle Kit, the LIT Candle Kit™. This kit will come in a reusable bag that you can store all of your candle accessories in, or you can even use it for travel or anything really. It will also be a perfect gift set because I am already thinking of the holiday season.

Also, wholesale! I am working on my numbers and getting my costs where I need them to be in order to get Vibes Candles into places I had only dreamed of, I cannot wait!


what are your plans for the summer? 

To prepare for fall and finish up the project I am currently working on in order to be ready for the busy season ahead. You can also catch me at the beach on the weekend, it’s my favorite place to be where I can decompress and cleanse my mind and soul. 


what song/station are you listening to while you make?

I listen to “Chill Loungers Radio” on Pandora, it is an absolute VIBE and gets me pumped up to create, make, and get sh*t done. (Can I say that?) This is me, my true self :)

You can follow Lex’s journey as it unfolds throughout the year on our Instagram @makesy. Be on the lookout for exciting new content that showcases the growth of Vibes Candles and get pumped for possibilities! You never know… YOU could be the Next Top Maker.

Until next time, makers!

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