Makesy Makes Every Day World Rainforest Day!

Makesy Makes Every Day World Rainforest Day!

We’re raisin’ the roof ‘cause when June 22 hits, we celebrate World Rainforest Day, aka Amazon Day. And no, we ain’t talkin about Amazon Prime Day, friends!

Out of the world’s seven beautiful rainforests, the Amazon, located in South America, is the largest. Like, it’s flippin’ massive…

The Amazon Rainforest covers a huge chunk of northwestern Brazil & is home to 30 million people and 10% of the Earth’s known species! That’s a lot of living beings!

At makesy, nurturing our planet and giving back is interwoven into all facets of our brand. You’ll always find us hootin’ n’ hollerin’ to raise awareness & encourage action to protect and preserve our incredible rainforests.


why preserving our rainforests matters

If ya didn’t know, rainforests are critical for absorbing CO2 & stabilizing the Earth’s climate (slow your roll, global warming).

They also play a major role in maintaining the world’s water cycle and cloud formation. Who knew? We did - that’s why it’s so important that we are part of the solution! 

Since day one, makesy has always been committed to raising the bar on safety, sustainability, and transparency.

Did you know our made better™️ wicks are made from all-natural & untreated USA-native wood, sourced from FSC Certified mills. Now in layman's terms: the wood we use is produced with the highest standards in ethical & earth-friendly milling (the absolute best of the best).

We also partner with Trees for the Future & plant a tree for each $100 our makers (that’s you) spend online. More wicks = more trees planted. How tree-mendous?! 


maker holding wicks rainforest blog

eco-friendly is the makesy way

When you open your beautiful package from makesy, you’ll notice that our packaging is eco friendly, too!

We strive to make everything biodegradable, recyclable, and/or compostable.

You can feel oh-so-good knowing your purchase is giving back to our planet. That’s our promise.

Do you wanna be a difference maker, too? Woohoo!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Wave goodbye to bubble wrap & don’t look back
  • Recycle the packaging we send you (who said regifting was a bad thing?)
  • Use our patented wooden wicks - the most eco-friendly option on the market
  • Opt for our luxurious fragrances - free of all toxins, parabens, phthalates, prop 65 ingredients & all the “nasties”
  • Donate or volunteer your time to preserving our rainforests
  • Choose products that give back (like products from makesy!)
  • Share rainforest news & spread awareness on social media - every little bit helps 

    Thank y'all for joining us in our effort to preserve our precious rainforests. We truly can’t think of something more important to care about!

    Let’s stick together in ensuring our rainforests are protected & celebrated - not just on World Rainforest Day, but every day.

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