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Make Your Own Natural Pet Care Products

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Calling all pet lovers! It is time to unleash our paws-itively amazing pet care collection!

Your fur babies deserve all the best in pet care, and that means using only the cleanest natural ingredients on their precious lil bodies. Your fur-ever best friend will thank you!

Fun fact: most Makesy employees have pets and some of them are even featured in our pet care photoshoot.

Cue the cuteness overload!

natural pet care products

get started with diy kits

If you need help getting started, we've curated a collection of 4 pet product diy kits so you can make clean, effective, and most importantly SAFE products for your fur bestie!

natural diy pet shampoo kit: soften the fur and nourish the skin with 100% plant-derived soap and one of our most popular all-natural fragrances. Treat your furry friend without a worry in mind! 

natural diy conditioner pet spray kit: a natural, hydrating conditioning spray that will smooth and cleanse your pet’s fur while helping to neutralize odors.

natural flea & tick diy serum kit: an all-natural serum to repel fleas and ticks with botanically-derived essential oils, with the added benefit of conditioning & smoothing your dog’s coat!

natural odor reducing pet diy spray kit: freshen up your home with this pet-friendly, all-natural, odor neutralizing spray kit. Made with natural essential oils in a sulfate & paraben-free formula perfect for pet beds, furniture, and carpets.

If you are looking to make something a little more personal for your pet, our skincare experts have selected the best, all-natural, plant-derived bases and ingredients so you can make clean products to pamper your pets without any of the guesswork! Yes, please.

diy pet products

pet care collection bases

Meet our newest lineup of bases, designed specifically for creating pet care products.

natural pet shampoo base: this salon-quality shampoo combines hydrating jojoba and 5 other herbal extracts to soothe and nourish your pets coat.

colloidal silver base: This is a natural antimicrobial which is great for soothing “hot-spots” and promoting wound healing on cuts and scrapes. 

pet pest repellant serum base: This is an EPA allowable base (inert ingredients) for flea & tick treatment products that is 100% natural and a non-greasy finish!

Any of our bases (emollients) are pet-friendly and would be great for any type of rough patch, or skin repair products!

pet care ingredients 

All of our face & body oils or butters are pet-friendly and make great conditioning ingredients. These are two of our favorites!

sil-olea natural silicone alternative is great for any leave-in conditioners or waterless shampoos. This leaves your pet’s fur soft without any greasy after feel.

aloe vera gel concentrate 40X: this is great for adding extra soothing and hydrating properties to any water-based pet product!

all about actives 

Adding actives to your pet products will enhance their effectiveness so it's a no brainer to include them in your formulas. Here's a list of our favorite actives and their powerful properties.

vitamin b5 (panthenol): this active is soothing and hydrating for skin and fur

vitamin b3 (niacinamide): helps treat itchy or irritated skin in dogs (great for paw and dry spots)

organic agave prebiotic: promotes biome health and wound repair in pet skin

amazonia copaiba oil : great for anti-inflammatory and soothing products like balms

rainforest plum oil: wonderful as a deep conditioner for pet fur

ultra7 hyaluronic acid blend: just like our skin, your dog’s skin needs hyaluronic acid to promote hydration and overall skin health

pet friendly fragrance

pet- friendly fragrances

We take our pet's health as top priority around here! Our experts curated a list of the best (and safest) fragrances for your fur babies.

bee balm & coco de mer: this functional fragrance (emoti) promotes feelings of relaxation and calm

amber salt & tonka oud: a functional fragrance (emoti) that promotes uplifting feelings and anti-anxiety

lotus blossom & mandarin: a functional fragrance (emoti) that promotes uplifting and happy feelings

cashmere vanilla: a warm vanilla elevated by woody cashmere and sweet amber

yuzu blossoms & hinoki: a blend of florals highlighted by yuzu and pear

natural manuka milk & bergamot honey: a dreamy, silky all natural fragrance

natural lush lavandin & tahitian vanilla: an all natural fragrance that blends lavender, jasmine, whipped body cream, and honey

natural neroli nectar & peach musk: an all natural fragrance made of orange flower, peaches, neroli, and sandalwood

natural sweet citrus & tonka bean: an all natural fragrance with zesty lemon and coconut milk.

insect repellent functional fragrances

These functional fragrances are perfect for creating insect repellant pet products.

natural citronella & camphor: made from active essential oil ingredients from citronella, lemongrass, and cedarwood

odor counteractant functional fragrance 

chamomile flowers & lavandin: a soothing spa-like blend with a patented odor neutralizing technology to eliminiate malodors.

Alright pet lovers… let’s get making! We would love to celebrate you and your creations! Tag us @makesy with your pet-friendly products! You are fur-bulous!

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