How to Make Sacred Gemstone Candles

How to Make Sacred Gemstone Candles

A new season means new projects and these crystal candles are so dreamy. Get ready to make magic, makers!

This project highlights deep luxurious jewel tones, exotic, energy enriched gemstones, and refined fall, forest inspired fragrances for an intoxicating collection that’s sure to be #fallvibes.

Think medieval fairy tale meets enchanted forest foliage - an alluring, charming ambiance that the brisk and bountiful fall season brings.

Let’s get started…


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For each candle combination, the same steps will be taken (located after project descriptions below) - make one, make a few, or make them all! They’re a gorgeous collection when they’re side by side and stand alone beautifully on their own. It’s your time to shine… you get to decide how much magic you make!


the heart of the hunter candle

Green, earthy, inspiring. Set the scene of a dreamy enchanted forest with a translucent hunter green aura vessel and awaken energies of love with gorgeous green gemstones that heal and enrich the power of trust, humility, love, and commitment. 

Supplies needed:

    the spirit of prosperity candle

    Sexy, musky, warming. Let the delicate twilight of brisk autumn nights blend with a smoke translucent aura and striking scents of dark resin and buoyant black amidst a layer of transpiring harvest-tone stones.

    Supplies needed:

      the dream catcher candle

      Woody, musky, enlightening. Dispel fears and rise above challenges with smokey quartz points inside a warm and radiant amber translucent aura vessel, fused with scents of heartwarming amber, cashmir wood, and lush heliotrope.

      Supplies needed:

        the spiritual strength candle

        Meaningful, smokey, ephemeral. Add to your majestic fall collection with a translucent symbol of strength and safety made with a wine-colored lucent vessel, ruby red garnet mini chips, and an emulsion of campground-inspired notes like smokey vanilla, roasted chestnut, and tobacco leaf.

        Supplies needed:

          the eye of imagination candle

          Energizing, comforting, life giving. Like a phoenix rising from ashes, the smoke matte aura is ready to breathe new life into your next creative adventure - embellish your candle with notes of cleansing sage, calming blue chamomile, and surround a crackling single-ply wick with sun-powered, soul-stirring citrine points.

          Supplies needed:

            the gift of passion candle

            Sweet, enlivening, tantalizing. Showcase encouragement for creativity and refined thinking by decorating your new favorite fall assortment with a dark red wine matte aura, a delicious fragrance filled with notes of peach, vanilla, and honey, and passionate, purple colored jewels.

            Supplies needed:

            steps to make each candle

            1. Cover the area you will be working on in case of spills. A drop cloth, old towel, or sheet lying around the house will work fine as well!
            2. Clean your vessel and place a wick sticker on the bottom of the wick clip. Press your wooden wick into the wick clip. Then, press the entire assembly into the center bottom of your vessel. Wooden wicks are rigid and stand up on their own. You will not need to use any other tools to keep your wick in place while pouring your wax.
            3. Melt your wax in a double boiler in a wax pouring pitcher or wax heater until liquefied. Do not exceed 200 degrees F (93 C). If you do not have a wax pouring pitcher, use caution if using a household pot as this may damage the bottom of the pot itself. We ALWAYS suggest using a pouring pot designated for candle making.
            4. Let the wax cool to the Mix Temperature, aka the suggested pouring temperature for your wax type (you can refer to the manufacturer's instructions for this info). In this case, it is 150-160 degrees F. 
            5. Time to add fragrance! Make sure to spend a couple minutes briskly stirring the fragrance into the wax. You can stir the wax with a kitchen whisk or other kitchen utensil around the house. Your fragrance load (percentage) will depend on your fragrance, wax type, and its ability to hold fragrance, as well as the desired strength you are looking for in both cold throw and warm throw. In this case, 10% FO - 1.1 oz will work just fine!
            6. Slowly pour the blend of wax and fragrance into your vessel. You’ll want to pour the wax until there is about ½” of the vessel showing above the wax. This is the perfect height for your wax!
            7. Let your candle cool for at least 24 hours before handling. If your wick is more than 3/16” height above the wax, you will need to trim your wick. We suggest using a pair of candle wick trimmers, but if you do not have any, you can also use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the wick down. It is important that your wick is around 3/16” height above the wax for your candle to burn properly.
            8. Once you have waited 24 hours for your candle to fully cool, you can use a heat gun like this one to melt the top and place crystals on top of the cooled wax. 
            9. Experience your candle - sit back, relax, and enjoy the crackling, fall ambiance of your new enchanting candle(s).

            Watch our YouTube video for a visual experience of making sacred gemstone candlesWith earthy, blissful scents, majestic crystals, and jewel-tone vessels, you’re set to create a fascinating collection filled with magic and meaning.

            Elevate your creativity, enhance your imagination, and make your fall visions come to life. Be sure to tag us in your whimsical creations @makesy so we can share your charming alchemy. 

            Happy dreamy making!

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