How to Make Cocktail Themed Candles

How to Make Cocktail Themed Candles

Cocktails and c andles are making a splash this summer as an amazing way to relax and unwind with friends, family or to just take some much needed "me time."

Studies show that making things with our hands enhances our well-being and promotes positive emotions. Cocktail making and candle making are two fun ways to not only get your hands going but explore your sensory experience as well.


fragrance notes from cocktails

We love pairing our cocktails with fragrance scent notes inspired by flavors of our favorite cocktail mixers. With summer just around the corner and fresh fruit-forward fragrances taking center stage, we had some fun in the makesy studio.

We paired some of our favorite summer fragrances and juicy new vessel colors with Pinnacle Light & Ripe Apricot Honeysuckle and Pinnacle Light & Ripe Guava Lime for a fruity uplifting, making experience that can be enjoyed on your own or with family or friends - drinks included!

So get that grocery list handy and get ready to craft your own perfect cocktail & candle making experience with this refreshing project.


cocktail candle recipe

Candle ingredients

Makes two 13oz candles


    cocktail recipes

    Cocktail ingredients

    Makes two cocktails, one of each flavor

    Pinnacle Apricot Honeysuckle Green Tea

    • 1.5 parts Pinnacle Light & Ripe Apricot Honeysuckle
    • 3 parts unsweetened green tea
    • .25 oz (1/2 Tbsp) honey
    • 2 peach slices
    • Soda water, to top
    • Highball cocktail glass
    • Muddler
    • Ice

        Pinnacle Guava Lime Mojito

        • 1.5 parts Pinnacle® Light & Ripe Guava Lime
        • 2 lime wedges
        • .25 oz (1/2 tbsp) honey
        • 5-6 mint leaves
        • Soda water, to top
        • Highball cocktail glass
        • Muddler
        • Ice


        how to make your cocktail candles

        1. Cover the area you will be working on just in case there are any spills or mishaps. We suggest using a drop cloth or an old towel or sheet lying around the house will work fine as well!
        2. Gently wipe the outside of your vessels to remove any dust or fingerprints and place a wick sticker on the bottom of the wick clip. Press your wooden wick into the wick clip. Then press the entire assembly into the center bottom of your vessels. Wooden wicks are rigid and stand up on their own. You will not need to use any other tools to keep your wick in place while pouring your wax.
        3. Cut your wax slab into small chunks and place in your pouring pitcher. Fill your pot with water and place on your stove or burner and place your pouring pitcher inside until liquified. Take the temperature every 10 minutes. Do not exceed 200 degrees F (93 C). Once the wax is between 180-190 degrees F, it’s time to mix and pour!
        4. While your wax is melting, you can jump down to the cocktail recipe and start mixing!
        5. Once you’ve finished mixing your cocktails, it’s time to measure your fragrance. From your 2 oz bottles of fragrance, measure 1 oz using a digital scale and measuring dish. Don’t forget to tare! Use 1 oz of lime sangria & guava blossom and 1 oz primrose & apricot. We suggest mixing and pouring one fragrance at a time.
        6. In your first mixing bowl, pour half your wax and combine the following and stir for 2 minutes using your bamboo spoon.

        7. Now you’re ready to pour your first candle, make sure to place in an area that you won’t move for at least 72 hours. Slowly pour your wax into the vessel, leaving approx ½” at the top. Repeat with each candle!


        how to make your cocktails

        Pinnacle® Light & Ripe Apricot Honeysuckle Green Tea

        1. In tall cocktail glass, gently muddle peach slices and honey.
        2. Add Pinnacle Light & Ripe Apricot Honeysuckle, green tea, and ice, and stir to combine.
        3. Top with soda water and garnish with additional peach slices.

        Pinnacle® Light & Ripe Guava Lime Mojito

        1. Combine mint, lime wedges, and honey into a tall cocktail glass and gently muddle.
        2. Add Pinnacle Light & Ripe Guava Lime and ice, and stir to combine.
        3. Top with soda water and garnish with a mint sprig.

        enjoy your creations

        Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy one of your refreshing cocktails! Once you have waited the 72 hours for your candles to fully cool, use a sharp pair of scissors or lateral wire cutters to trim the wick to approx 3/16” or .2” above the wax.

        After trimming your wicks, you’re ready to light them up and enjoy the soothing crackling ambience of your new cocktail inspired creations.

        The recipes we’ve included makes two candles and two cocktails, but don’t let that limit you! You can get your friends and family together and double or triple the recipes for a fun, relaxing night of cocktails and creativity!

        Happy making!

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