Luxury Fragrances & Luxury Candle Trends

Luxury Fragrances & Luxury Candle Trends

As the creators of the innovative makers marketplace, we decided to take our fragrances to the next level and developed a curated collection of ultra-luxe scents inspired by classic, world-famous, fine fragrances.

luxe fragrance oil collection

meet the luxe collection

These luxurious fragrances are the next big thing for your candle making business!

Check out the following highlights of these elevate & evolved luxe scents:

  • Rich complexity of top, middle, and base notes to create depth and interest (you know those scents you can’t stop smelling because you keep discovering new notes with each sniff?)
  • Rare and exotic ingredients like sandalwood, oud, rose, olibanum, jasmine, and orris that are found in classic luxury perfumes
  • Higher natural content and use of essential oils
  • Created by renowned perfumers with discerning noses, making the development truly a time intensive art
  • Inspired by innovation and classics from the most beloved, luxurious, fine fragrances
  • Adrogynous scents that can be described as deep, rich, sexy, and complex

Visit the luxe collection and start dreaming up your own luxe line!

Although all of our fragrances are meant to be used in luxury candles, these are some of the top-notch, curated, ultra-luxe scents we have developed to date. If you want to explore all of these scents before diving into a full bottle of one, pick up our new sultry & luxe discovery kit that comes with each of our new luxe fragrances.


fragrance as a form of expression

Fragrance has been a form of expression for hundreds of years and continues to be a way of communicating individuality, social status, and feel-good emotions.

According to History of Perfume by Annette Green, fragrance has been an art form for centuries - dating back to when early Egyptians utilized fragrance as part of their religious services and burials. Egyptians were one of the first populations that learned how to extract oils from leaves and flowers so they could put it on their sunburned skin. In the tenth century, an Arabian doctor named Avicenna, created the process of distillation, which led to developing liquid perfume. So cool

Perfumes were viewed as a noble expression of admiration and elation, making them more valuable than flowers, herbs, and gold. 

The significance of fragrance managed to spread to many locations all over the world since crusaders, traders, and other migrating populations traveled with their special perfumes.

Eventually perfume was viewed as an aphrodisiac, making it even more of a luxury for those with nobility like when the Queen of Sheba presented King Solomon with rare spices from Yemen. The scent of myrrh was known to be one of his favorites, which is a resin used in perfumes and incense that comes from bark of certain trees. Ahhh, we love a good fun fact!


luxury candle trends

Fast forward to current luxury candle trends and we see all kinds of innovative, fancy-shmancy, sleek and chic collections. Scents are being crafted with complex ingredients and gorgeous vessels are used to convey an elevated lifestyle statement. 

Lines of luxury candles have taken the spotlight over the last couple of years and it’s easy to see why! They effortlessly transform a space into a modern, moody, tranquil oasis. According to the National Candle Association, several familiar trends are at the top of the list of what makes luxury candles so appealing.

Here are some common components that make great luxe candles.


soy wax candles

Because of their simple ingredients, soy candles are viewed as a minimalistic item with a sleek, visual appeal. If you haven’t been making with soy wax blends exclusively from makesy, there’s no time like the present! Have you seen our new supernatural soy flakes wax?


wooden wicks

The crackling sound is so soothing, comforting, and the unique appearance of the flame is *chef’s kiss* ...check out all the top-notch Wooden Wick options here!


upscale fragrances

You know how some fragrances you just simply cannot stop smelling because it smells THAT good? The ones you continue to smell because they are oh, so heavenly?

Scents like that can be the selling point that ultimately makes a candle luxurious. Here are a few of our absolute favorites crafted by master perfumers: vintage leather & oak noirI, tobacco blossom & white santal, mahogany embers & beeswax.


stone marble candle vessels

unique candle jars

There are so many different kinds of vessels you can use to pour your wax into, but the ones that are unlike any other are the ultimate luxury statement makers.

Ones that are oversized and reusable are on our radars in the candle making world, so much so that we decided to create our own assortment gorgeous onyx and marble natural stone luxe vessels, handcrafted to reflect earth’s natural beauty.


destination candles

This last year has made it tough to get out and enjoy the places we love. Fortunately, fragrance offers an incredible way to get creative and transform a scent into a lovely reminder of a place.

Take a look at these fragrances that offer a scent-sational transportation to a beautiful destination (even if it’s just in the name!): coastal redwood & mandarin, lilca & mimosa, harvested sumac & campfire.

 A luxury line may require a little more thought and conceptualizing, but it’s worth a try since you can (cue the dollar signs) sell them at a much higher price! We always encourage our makers to get creative and try new things within their collections… now’s your chance to shine even more!

Don’t forget to tag us @makesy on Instagram so we can show off your luxe magic.

Happy luxurious making!

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