Recipe: Luxe Deep Hydration Body Cream

Recipe: Luxe Deep Hydration Body Cream

luxe deep hydration body cream recipe

The body needs a daily dose of moisture and nothing feels more luxurious than this recipe for an ultra-hydrating body cream. 

The ingredients in this recipe help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and gently exfoliate at the same time to reveal healthy, smoother skin after each use!

A unique blend of caffeinated herbs improves circulation and promotes a slimmer appearance while mandelic acid, one of the gentlest alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) on the market, exfoliates the skin for smooth, rejuvenated skin.

Using the ingredients listed below, you'll make 1 larger 200ml size jar and a smaller 50ml size jar, perfect for travel!


deep hydration body cream recipe



    1. In an appropriately sized vessel empty your 8oz sun shea body butter bases.

    2. Add all other included ingredients in their entirety, and mix until completely combined.

    3. Package your finished product in your provided jars and enjoy!


    Directions for use

    Apply in a circular motion for better absorption and circulation. Use it on your bum, legs, tummy, arms—anywhere you need a lift for positively rejuvenated skin.

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