Maker Spotlight: Lit Láb Co.

Maker Spotlight: Lit Láb Co.

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lit lab co. candle business

We talked with Chainika Sachdeva, founder of LIT LÁB CO. all about starting her candle business. She shares her advice for new makers, her favorite Makesy products, and why she thinks work life balance doesn't exist and what to strive for instead.


how it started

"We always wanted to start a business of our own but Covid really made that into a reality. When I lost my job due to Covid, we took the leap of faith and created LIT LÁB CO.

We came up with the name during the testing process. Creating a candle is like being in a lab.

You are constantly working with formulas. If you are off even by a small percentage, your candle will not perform as it should.

So, LIT for creating light in the dark. LÁB. for mixing all these formulas in our studio." 


my first product

"LA ROSÈ was our first product and is still a staple. That candle fragrance is such a luxury scent and we top that with rose petals. Our customers simply love it!" 


my best sellers 

"LA ROSÈ, SANTAL, FOREVER SUNDAY and JAPANESE YUZU! All are crowd favorites."


lit lab co. candle business

on celebrating success

"In the beginning of any new business small wins are so important, and once you have those small wins you create a momentum. Then you must give your momentum some direction and that’s that phase we are in.

We started from our kitchen table, moved into a 500 square studio and now recently upgraded to a 1200 square foot studio. We are still building LIT LÁB CO. brick by brick." 


my top tools


what’s next for my business

"We have BIG dreams with this brand, but some things are best kept a secret for the moment until its brewing ;)" 


my greatest lesson

"There is no such thing as life and work balance for an entrepreneur. The more you try to create that, the more pressure you put on yourself.

As you grow, it’s always good to get support – hire a small team that can take the load off of you for a few days from the week. It makes all the difference!"   


lit lab co.

advice for new makers

"Stay focused and take risks!" 


favorite makesy products

while making, I…. 

  • listen to the LIT LAB CO. Spotify playlist in the studio
  • light a candle scented by fireside 
  • put on a apron
  • and then start my day with gratefulness! 



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