Recipe: Hydrate & Protect Primer

Recipe: Hydrate & Protect Primer

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This all-natural, silicone-free recipe is a lightweight, multitasking primer perfect for dry to normal skin!

Mushroom extracts keep the skin cool and calm while our all-natural rainforest plum gel locks in moisture and smooths skin to keep it nourished and hydrated all day. 

Primers without silicones are a sought after product because they help keep dry skin hydrated without clogging pores. 

The materials to make 30, 1.7oz primers will cost less than $250 and we suggest a retail price of at least $20 ($600 total sales!).  


hydrate & protect diy primer 

Large bath recipe (makes 30)

Ingredients & supplies:


  1. Clean your workspace with soap and water, dry, and then sanitize with >60% alcohol (isopropyl alcohol is sufficient).
  2. Add your rainforest plum oil to a microwave-safe container, and microwave for 30 seconds and mix until any white clumps have melted and you have a clear oily gel.  
  3. combine your 2lb deep hydration night cream base and 28mL/1oz (2tbsp) of shroomcool skin defense extract to a separate, sanitized mixing container and mix completely. 
    1. Store your remaining shroomcool in a dark, cool space. You can use this for your next batch (which will only cost you $120!)
  4. Slowly add your rainforest plum oil to your cream base while mixing. Continue to add until everything is evenly mixed.  
  5. Use a funnel to add your primer to your 30 bottles. Seal the treatment pump tightly. 
  6.  Take advantage of our partnership with Vistaprint and make the beautiful, customized labels and packaging your luxury creation deserves.
  7. Show off your creation! If you need help with product photography, check out our exclusive offer with Soona, our favorite product photography partner!

Happy making!

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