How To Start A Successful Skincare Brand

How To Start A Successful Skincare Brand

Skincare is a massive, growing industry that is truly ever-evolving. It encompasses everything from cleansers and masks to moisturizers, oils, exfoliators, and more.

Starting a skincare business may sound like a big leap but it's entirely possible when you follow a few proven steps to success.


first, narrow down your niche

Determine which products you want to specialize in so you can narrow down your offerings and focus on the ones that will truly make your brand shine.

Think about which of your skincare products are most unique that can stand out in a crowded marketplace. Consider products that are versatile and well suited for all skin types.

Many skincare brands start with an initial “hero” product and expand their product line as their customer base grows and the business develops.

Your hero product should solve a specific skincare problem that your customer deals with regularly. For example, a serum for anti aging. This will help you create high demand and generate repeat customers.


starting a skincare line

do your research

If you take anything from this blog, let it be this one important piece of advice: do your research. Learn everything there is to know about skincare and the beauty industry.

Take the time to build a solid foundation and become an expert in all things skin!

While having great products is essential, it's even more important that you be able to reach your target audience and showcase the qualities that make you better than your competitors.

Building a successful skincare brand is a fun journey full of learning, listening, researching, developing, testing, and marketing your products.

The market research phase is extremely extensive as you learn about the skincare industry, trends, ingredients, and the marketplace.

If you are completely new to the skincare industry, we have a great video for beginners called skincare basics.

The research phase is incredibly important and shouldn't be rushed. You will learn so many things that will enable you to build your business more effectively.


starting a skincare brand

start formulating

After extensive research about what your target customer desires, you will be ready to start formulating products. This is the most rewarding and enjoyable part of launching a skincare line!

Keep in mind the trends that you uncovered during your research phase and consider catering to those demands while still staying true to your mission.

Identify products that fit well together in a skincare routine so that you can fulfill multiple needs.

Immerse yourself in learning about how to formulate your products. Learning about the importance of quality, clean ingredients will go a long way in your educational and formulation journey.

Here at makesy, we have all of the high quality, clean and innovative skincare ingredients, components, tools and resources for you to get started building the skincare line of your dreams.

A fabulous place to get started is our Beauty Batch Book, where you'll find education, expert advice and basic recipes to help bridge any gaps in your research and get you started.

It is also imperative to learn the laws, regulations, and legal requirements in your area regarding skincare manufacturing, and be sure to abide by them.

If even you are apprehensive, keep going towards your goal. Every step that you take puts you one step closer to launching your line.


next, make a budget

Once you have researched which product(s) you want to include in your launch, it is a good idea to make a budget to help you organize and purchase all the necessary supplies.

For example, you will need the tools for mixing and blending, as well as the ingredients and packaging materials in order to start creating your magic formulas.

Put all of these items into a spreadsheet to start tracking your costs and your time for making. You'll need this information in order to develop your pricing and profit margins.

This step may hinder your progress if you feel pressure to make it perfect; however, you can always go back and adjust your budget as you go.


starting a skincare brand

develop your packaging

After you have developed the budget, it’s time to start thinking about branding and packaging.

Your product labels will go hand in hand with the packaging you select and you may need to accommodate a few different product sizes. 

Test your labels and packaging in your bathroom and shower to be sure they withstand everyday use. 

If you need help with the labeling process, we have a great relationship with Vistaprint and our makers get special discounted rates here.

You will also want to research your shipping and packaging options too which will include items such as labels, envelopes, boxes, mailers, tape, and bubble wrap.

Test several packaging options and mail them to friends and family to see how they withstand the shipping experience. Use this phase to vet the best option so you can ensure your customers have an incredible unboxing experience.


create your marketing strategy

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to develop your strategic business model and marketing plan!

That means you will need a kick-butt website, social media accounts, business cards, and good photos and videos of your products.

A quick trip to your local flower shop for props like flowers, and a clean background is all you truly need to capture quality photos of your products.

And if you aren’t necessarily comfortable behind the camera, we have a super special offer for our makers to partner with soona to create the best photos on the internet!

Additionally, focus some of your energy on showing proof of customers’ purchases and sharing positive feedback. This will increase trust, loyalty and boost your brand reputation.

Remember promoting your products and brand are just AS important as the actual products. Consistently promoting your products on social media will be your BFF.


learn from other makers

Our makesy communities are incredible resources for information and advice. Members love to answer questions, share tips, and support each other. You can learn so much from other small business owners who have been through the same startup journey.

We've followed along with many of our makers as they've grown their brands from just a seed of an idea into a blooming brand. Here are a few stories from small beauty brands that may inspire you.

As you start developing your skincare brand, the makesy community is here to support you every step of the way. Tag us on social with #letsmakesy so we can see your progress.

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