5 Ways To Get Sh*T Done As A One- (Wo)Man Show

5 Ways To Get Sh*T Done As A One- (Wo)Man Show

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We know running a business isn’t always easy, but it’s 100% worth it as you put your personal creations out into the world and start building an audience.

In between those moments can be super challenging though, that’s why we’ve come up with 5 effective ways to get work done when you’re taking on every single role as a business owner.

Now you’ve probably heard some of these tips before, but take some time to soak in why they’re so important - you never know… these could be the reason you start to really succeed.

Here are our go-to solopreneur tips! 


stop multi-tasking

We tend to view multitasking as some kind of achievement and in some cases, that may be what it is. But when it comes to running your business, multitasking could be the one thing that’s slowing you down.

Instead of trying to make products while planning social media content for the week, focus on just ONE task at a time. You’ve heard of quality over quantity, right? Try approaching your business tasks like that and you’ll discover how efficiently you can get things done without compromising the quality of your work.


set a timer

Now this one sounds simple enough and it’s probably one that you’ve considered but never really tried. Challenge yourself with set time periods as you go about your workday. If you’re needing to plan content for your social pages, limit yourself to an hour so you know when you MUST stop working on that aspect of your business.

You can always pick it back up the next day for another hour if that’s what you feel you need to dedicate time to, just make sure the time you're allowing yourself to work on certain things is enough time to make progress, then put it aside and move on to the next.


surround yourself with other makers

The creative work you’re doing as a Maker requires constant inspiration - whether you’re needing a new recipe to add to your collection or need help with a technical piece of your business, it’s important to have access to other like-minded Makers who are going through similar challenges.

Take some time to join and explore our Facebook groups designed specifically for Makers (not to brag, buuut… we are the largest candle making community in the industry!)


There are plenty of connections to make and posts to browse that may apply to you as you’re learning and growing in your craft. If you come across someone that you think may be helpful to you and your business, don’t be afraid to network and build connections. Finding other makers and simply following their Instagram pages is also a great step toward building your maker community.


celebrate the sh*t out of small wins

This is one of our favorites! Sometimes our days feel a bit repetitive and it may feel like you’re not getting anywhere. Change that mindset by celebrating your small wins!

Did you just update or launch your website? That’s a win! What about finalizing a recipe after countless hours of testing? Another win to celebrate! Did you make a sale after sitting for hours at your first pop-up store? That’s another win!

Don’t underestimate the power of your small wins - they are the reason for your big wins later down the road and a great way to stay motivated. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate you: make your favorite food, make a new playlist (to play as you’re making!), start reading a new book, take a break for self-care however that looks for you, try something new, watch your favorite movie, make a cake, call a friend and plan a date night.


ask for help

Now as a one (Wo)Man show, you’re taking on every single role. That means asking for help is necessary at times to keep your business running smoothly. Although hiring someone may not be in the cards at the moment, recruiting a friend or family member to help out with adhering wick stickers to wicks, labeling products, or packing orders could help move your progress along.

If you need some help capturing product photos or getting your social media started - try reaching out to a local college and see if you can contact students looking to build their resumes or portfolios in those fields.

Get creative with the way you get work done by leaning on others when you can and remember, it’s okay if you do!


Do you have other tips on how to get things done as a solopreneur? Make sure you share them on your socials and tag us @makesy so we can spread your helpful tips to other Makers. We’re all about helping YOU get better at what you do, so we love sharing insight to keep you motivated as you build your brand.

Want more tips? Check out our blog to learn 10 maker photoshoot tips!

Happy making!

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