How To Prevent Jump Lines In Candle Making

How do you  prevent jump lines in your candles? Jump Lines, also known as chatter and stuttering are the unintended horizontal lines or rings around the sides of either a container or pillar candle.

The cause of jump lines can be:

  • Pouring the wax at too low of a temperature
  • The container (vessel or mold) is too cold

When jump lines occur, it is because the wax is congealing immediately and it is setting as more wax is poured on top of it, thus forming the “rings” or lines.

To prevent jump lines, make sure you are pouring your wax at the recommended temperature (pour temperatures can vary depending on the wax). You’ll also want to be careful not to heat your wax to a temperature that is too high; this can cause some of your fragrance to burn off, on top of causing other issues.


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