Elevate Your Branding, Customize Your Candle Lids

Elevate Your Branding, Customize Your Candle Lids

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Customized Lids

Branding isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a really important part of your business and we're going to share some reasons why.

When you think of branding, things like logos and colors are probably some elements that come to mind first… and they should.

Those pieces matter a lot. But branding is waaay more than just the colors and fonts you use on your labels.

Branding is what gives your business personality, and with social media at the forefront of how consumers discover new brands, it makes it easy for potential customers to constantly come across new brands and make split-second decisions whether they’re into them or not.

That’s why having a strong, stand-out image is key to success. You want your brand to leave a lasting impression and you want the quality of your branding to match the quality of your products. 

If you're going to invest in high-quality ingredients for your candles, your branding should exhibit the same luxurious style.


why you should invest in branding

Investing in branding is so important as it determines whether or not your products will grab people’s attention… the more memorable your branding is, the more of a chance you have to gain a customer.

When elements like your brand’s image, values, voice, products, and even labels align with what a customer is looking for in a brand, that’s one step closer for you to land a new member of your audience. 

As you’re already creating such unique products, you’re on the right path to developing a great brand image!

As we are committed to supplying your brand with everything it needs to stand out like elevated packaging, show-stopping accessories, and customized products, we’re going to take it a step further and give you some insight on why branding matters and how it can take your brand to the next level.


branding is important because…

…your brand becomes recognizable.

Branding helps your business get recognized a lot more often and strong branding will naturally draw people in.

If branding is cohesive across every aspect of your business – like your social media platforms, photos and text used on your website, your email address, and everything in between – these elements of your brand become much more memorable.

If your logo is super distinct and attractive because of the design or colors, that can easily play a role in how it sticks out to others.

Even if someone isn’t ready to make a purchase from you yet, if they remember your logo or name, there’s more of a chance they’ll go back to you when they are ready to buy your product.


…it builds trust.

Developing trust with your customers is one of the most important things you can do as a business and if you’re missing some aspects of branding, it will be harder to gain that trust.

Think of it this way – when you’re comparing new products like facial cleansers or makeup, you usually go with the one you’re most familiar with.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve used their products before, if you’ve seen that brand out in the world like in stores, online, in a friend’s house, on a billboard, and you are able to recognize the name and logo, you’ll probably choose that brand over another one that you haven’t really heard of.

If you have to choose between a brand with a clear, impressionable image and one that obviously hasn’t put in any effort, you’re going to trust the first one more than the other.

Elevated branding shows consumers that you are credible, established, that you care about what you do, and that you make the effort to improve your business.


…you create loyal customers.

Getting people to recognize and remember your brand is such a great benefit when you’ve invested in branding. Once people start recognizing your brand and making purchases, good branding will help you get repeat customers.

Good branding connects with customers and makes them feel like they’re interacting with a human. Branding is a great way to creatively appeal to people’s emotions and build relationships, which can turn a one-time customer into a loyal customer.

Doing things like leaving comments on your followers’ posts or commenting back when they comment on your posts are little human things you can do to form connections.

This helps build your brand image and gives your customers a sense of knowing you are not just a business, but that you are also committed to recognizing those who recognize you.


Customized Candle Lids

how to elevate your branding

We’re so glad you asked!

Makesy offers in-house customization and you can customize your candle lids!

Ooooh man, they are so cool!

You can essentially get anything you want laser engraved on a lid – your logo, brand name, or a cute illustration – and then top off your candles with them!

This custom touch will elevate your candles instantly. It's also an ideal way to add your brand if you prefer a minimal label or no outside label at all.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out a Custom Product Form with your order details.
  • Request a minimum of 100 customized lids.
  • A Customization Expert will send you a quote & estimated shipping time after your order details are confirmed.
  • Pay a one-time set up fee of $199 on your first order.
  • Only pay the cost of the lid & engraving fee for future orders.
  • Review & approve your design on a sample lid before the rest ship


Right now we are offering the following lid options for customization:


    This is just one of many customization options we offer because your brand deserves to stand out!

    If you want your brand to be memorable and more recognizable, investing in customized candle lids is a great place to start.

    As always, we want your brand to be the best it can be so we are constantly dreaming up new ways to help make your products stand out.

    If you have any suggestions for future customization options, feel free to drop us a dm @makesy and let us know how we can help boost your brand image.

    Happy branding!

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