How To Make Your Soap More Moisturizing (Cold + Hot Process)

When you make your own soap, it doesn’t always have everything it needs to hydrate your skin properly and ends up drying your skin instead. You know this is the case when you try using your soap and notice a scaly white sheen; this means your skin isn’t properly absorbing your soap so hydration isn’t happening the way it should.

If this is the case for you, don’t worry! It’s happened to us, too, so we’re here to share some insight that’ll get your soap where you want it.

Here are some ingredients that will help you achieve that rich nourishing moisture.

The first tip is to choose base oils that penetrate. 

Moisturizing Oils

 Next, use nutraceutical ingredients to add skin-nourishing properties. 

Skin Nourishing Ingredients

Finally, add some final nutrient-rich ingredients and exfoliants to help the moisture penetrate. 

Nutrient Rich Ingredients

If you are trying to perfect your soap recipe, but don't know where to start, try one off our melt and pour bases that contain special skin-nourishing ingredients! You can even add natural colorants and dried botanicals to the bases in order to boost their properties even more. 

Pre-Formulated Soap Bases

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