How To Make Massage Candles

If you've never heard of a massage candle, then you're in for a treat! They are candles that not only provide amazing essential oil aromas to fill the air but also melt and create an oil that can be used on the skin as a moisturizer during massages.

Watch the video above to see how one is made!

You are going to need a wax that is skin-safe. We are going to be using the beeswax coco creme wax which is 100% natural, skin-safe and approved by the FDA. You are going to melt the wax using a double boiler (optimal pouring temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit). In the video, we are also using our matte black aura vessel with cork lid. The best wick to use is the whisper wick 0.03 or the crackling booster wick 0.03 if you prefer a crackling wick. The wick we use is going to be 0.75 in thick. You will also want to choose a fragrance of choice. We are using the waterlily and rose hip fragrance. 

While the wax melts, set up the wick into the vessel using your wick clip and wick sticker. Take the wax and remove from heat and then add fragrance oil that is measured on the scale. Since we are using a 5lb slab (80 oz) of wax and want a 10% fragrance load, we are going to use 8oz of the fragrance oil. Stir the fragrance in for 2-3 minutes. NOTE: Make sure your fragrance oil is skin-safe as well. Once the fragrance is mixed, add the wax to the vessel and make sure about 0.5 in of vessel is showing at the top. After 24 hours of cooling, trim the wick so that 2 in of the wick remains over the surface. 

Now, you are ready to burn the massage candle and use the oil. With massage candles, you usually want to use a wick that is going to create a melt pool in 30-45 minutes so that you can light it at the beginning of the massage and use the melted oil at the end. Make sure the candle has achieved a full melt pool and extinguish the flame first before pouring on skin. Enjoy!

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